Ask Phill 21 - How to deal with egg eating hens

Ask Phill 21 - How to deal with egg eating hens

Egg eating among your chicken flock is a very bad habit so Phill talks about why and how to stop it.

How to Stop Hens Eating their Eggs

Probably one of the most frustrating bad habits of chickens is when they eat their own, or each others', eggs!!

In AskPhill 21, Phill looks at why hens eat their eggs and what measures you can take to stop them and break this habit.

Phill gives some hints and tips to break the habit - including a bin liner hula skirt - or trying Dummy Eggs in the nest box to replace the real eggs.

This can work sometimes because by placing a Rubber Egg in the nest box it confuses the culprit when they peck at it and all that happens is their beak bounces off.

However, when all else fails, installing a Rollaway Nest Box may be the answer.

How to use a bin liner to prevent egg eating in our follow up Video here: