Ask Phill 14 - Dealing with Scaly Leg Mite

Ask Phill 14 - Dealing with Scaly Leg Mite

Phill talks about Scaly Leg Mite in Chickens - how to recognise it and how to treat this painful affliction.

Dealing with Scaly Leg Mite in Chickens

This week's AskPhill Video looks at the painful condition of swollen legs caused by Scaly Leg Mite. Phill talks about how to detect it and how to treat it.

Scaly Leg Mite has become a relatively common problem for poultry but with the right treatment and some preventative actions your birds will soon get back to full health. Note: Phill mentions that Nettex Scaly Leg Spray contains a pesticide, which it did in 2018, but today (2022) it no longer does.

This nasty microscopic mite burrows under the scales of the chicken's legs and feeds on the connective tissue. It makes the scales raise and they secrete a serum that gives the legs a rough lumpy appearance. It is infectious so all birds in your flock would need treating.

For more details of causes, treatments and prevention visit our information page on How to treat Scaly Leg Mite, and to see the products you can use, see Scaly Leg Sprays & Ointments.