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The Arched Rabbit House


The Arched Rabbit House is a beautifully shaped Rabbit Haven with an integral run. Perfect to keep your rabbits safe and sound as well as adding a lovely piece of architecture to your garden.

This all-in-one house and run combination make really efficient use of space whilst looking absolutely stunning. It is 9ft 5in long by 5ft 3in wide and 5ft 11in high.

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This is a large rabbit house with an arched timber design and is made, here in Dorset, from curved joinery-quality Swedish redwood timber.

We offer optional cladding to continue the curve of the timber cladding of the house, down to the ground. This will give added protection and shelter under the house for your cotton-tail friend.

External Dimensions: Width: 153cm (at the base); 160cm (at widest point),m; Height: 179m; Length: 286m. For full details of size and area see Product Features below.

Adding an extension run will increase the run at ground level by approx. 12 sq ft (1.1 sq m). 

The Arched Rabbit House comes with a vertical sliding door for the bunny, operated on a drawstring at the back, so he/she can step out onto the outside 'Sun Deck'. We have added a raised edge to the Sun Deck to prevent those 'wish I'd brought a parachute' moments.

The sun deck is wide enough for those lazy hazy days of summer, and a wide, long, ramp with raised edges gives them both access to the lovely green grass but also provides lots of exercise.

We do not advise adding a meshed floor to the inner run area unless you are going to cover it with a layer of woodchip or similar soft flooring - unlike cats and dogs, rabbits don't have padded feet so can easily injure their feet when permanently on the metal mesh.

Inside the Rabbit House is a removable phenolic-coated resin board floor to make cleaning very easy. The floor area measures 150cm wide x 80cm front to back. Inside will be a sleeping tray with a sidewall for cosiness and a freestanding wooden frame to hang drinker, hayrack and feeder from for overnight refreshments.

The Arch Rabbit House is made using thick, joinery grade, FSC Swedish Redwood Timber and 18g galvanised green coated weldmesh (see About our Housing for more details).

The unit arrives in sectional panels for easy home assembly. The Run is assembled using bolts that are inserted through the pre-drilled holes, all the fixings and instructions are supplied. If you would like a copy of the assembly instructions, to gauge what is needed, before your purchase decision then please just email or give us a call.


External Dimensions
Width (max): 160cm
Length: 286cm
Height: 179cm
House Internally
Width: 153cm
Height: 93cm
Length: 83cm
Width: 136cm
Length: 284cm
Inside Run Area
Height max: 175cm
Under house: 79cm
Width: 143cm
Deep: 40cm
Total Accessible Area
5.73 sq m (61.7 sq ft)
Body Timber
21mm T&G Shiplap, Pressure Treated, Scandinavian Redwood
18g European Galvanised half x one inch mesh with green plastic coating
21mm Pressure Treated, Scandinavian Redwood boards
Galvanised Steel


Currently approx. 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

The house is delivered in panels, on a pallet for easy self-assembly. The run is fixed together with bolts and the henhouse panels are screwed together making the whole assembly very easy with a cordless electric screwdriver. We estimate it should take around 40 minutes to assemble.

Delivery is via Palletline delivery company and starts at £49.00 to most postcode areas of mainland England. Delivery is available throughout the UK. See also our Delivery Information page.

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