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Sleeper & Woodchip Pack for Maggie's Dozen Henhouse


A Sleeper & Woodchip Pack to suit the Maggie's Dozen Hen House with a 6ft, 9ft or 12ft long Run.

This Sleeper Pack option will create a secure (fox-proof), level surface for your House and Run by raising it on a timber plinth and filling the ground inside with long-lasting hardwood woodchip.

The hardwood woodchip makes an excellent run flooring for the birds - almost self-cleaning. Just wash through with a garden hose if you haven't had any rain, refresh with new woodchip perhaps twice a year, and you can scatter some powder disinfectant over it once a month to keep it fresh. Far more healthy than bare soil for the birds, and much less smelly too.




  • For House with 6ft Run: Max. external dimensions of the plinth frame: 2134mm long by 1586mm wide. Includes 3 bags of Hardwood Woodchip.
  • For House with 9ft Run: Max. external dimensions of the plinth frame: 3074mm long by 1586mm wide. Includes 4 bags of Hardwood Woodchip.
  • For House with 12ft Run: Max. external dimensions of the plinth frame: 3964mm long by 1586mm wide. Includes 5 bags of Hardwood Woodchip.

The packs contain a set of pressure treated timbers, 10in x 5in (250mm x 125mm), to build a raised plinth for the Run, with matching blocks for the legs of the Henhouse, and the required bags of hardwood woodchip to create a clean, perfect surface for the hens.

The timbers will be cut to the lengths required (max length of any sleeper will be 4ft to make them easier to handle) and will come with an instruction sheet to aid placement. The Run sits centrally on the timbers.

The woodchip can be placed directly onto the ground, we do not recommend a geotextile underlay, mainly for reasons of hygiene as the 'poo' will not wash/drain through, but also the hens will dig it up.

Sorry to say … due to the huge increase in timber sleeper prices over recent months (up 63%), we have had to increase the prices of the Sleeper Packs but have tried to absorb as much as possible. Equally, due to high demand, the delivery times are longer than normal. Currently (Nov 2021) there are no indications that prices will come back down before Spring 2022.


Delivery is via 7.5t Palletline Transport lorry. If ordered with your Henhouse they will all arrive together with you main order - if ordered separately then delivery cost approx £39.95 to most of mainland England, other parts of the UK may be slightly more. Calculated on weight and postcode destination.

For more details about pallet deliveries please see our Delivery Information page.

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