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Customer Reviews on Flyte so Fancy

Update March 2020: Flyte so Fancy have now ceased to use Feefo as our review system so old reviews (for which we thank you profusely) will not show here any longer. However, we have done this prior to our move to our new website which is a complete redesign and you will subsequently find the huge host (20,000+) of historical reviews there in due course. Our brand new, vibrant, website is due to launch in the middle of 2021.

We are well known here at Flyte so Fancy to have a passion for designing and building some of the best, if not The Best, poultry housing in the United Kingdom. This passion for excellence spills over into our desire to provide the best shopping experience possible.

We love to receive feedback from our customers, whether it's good or bad. That is why we will be introducing a new system onto our website to enable customers to help us make shopping with Flyte so Fancy simply the best.

Hundreds of customers have already told us what they think and we have put much of this information to good use.

All of us at Flyte so Fancy would like to say a huge thank you to our customers who take the time and trouble to email their thanks to us. We often put them on the staff notice board and it really keeps everyone going. It really is appreciated and makes it all worthwhile.

Thank you, Anne, Phillip and the Flyte so Fancy Team.