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Protection Pen Mating Panel - Long Legged Houses


Protection Pen Mating Panel for Long Legged Flyte so Fancy Hen Houses.

This option will free up all the space in the Pen for your chickens and give you easy access to the house by placing it outside the Pen.

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If you don't want to, or can't get, your Hen House inside the Protection Pen then this could be the answer. A taller Mating Panel to suit the Long-legged Hobby, Long-legged Maggie's Six or Long-legged Maggie's Dozen Hen Houses.

This Mating Panel (connecting tunnel) will replace the Protection Pen Panel in the central gable end opposite the door to create an enclosed tunnel between your hen house and your Pen. Shown here with our Long Legged Maggie's Dozen.

If preferred you could choose to have the Mating Panel in a side panel, along the long side that is, just mention this when ordering. The side panels (Panel E's) are a different width to the end panels (Panel D's) so we would need to know where you plan to have the Mating Panel.

A section of the protection pen panel becomes the entrance to the pen for the hens. You then have a further three wired panels to form the 'tunnel' so the pop-hole of your house opens into the tunnel and the hens just walk out into the Pen. This tunnel would extend approx 70cm outside the Pen and stand approx 137cm high.

The Long-Legged Mating Panel option will include three more wired panels to fit around the legs of the hen house and therefore enclose the underneath space of the house. For this you will receive two small plain wired panels and one panel with an access door, this is added underneath the back of the house so that you can gain access there.


For self-assembly. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks if ordered separately, otherwise the Mating Panel will arrive on the pallet with your main order.

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