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Poultry Feeds & Treats

A Balanced Diet for your Poultry

When it comes to your chickens’ diet, getting the right feed balance is an important factor in their health and wellbeing. It is very tempting to spoil them and give them the things they go mad for, like spaghetti or bread, but is that good for them – possibly not!

For a nutritionally balanced diet, for adult laying hens, we advise all-day access to Layers Pellets and a daily treat of Poultry Corn. For 5 hens allow 1kg of pelleted food per day. Chickens only feed during daylight hours so no need for feed inside the house at night.

For extra treats to prevent boredom you can hang up some Pecking Blocks, a cabbage leaf or broccoli head, or dish up some tasty Garvo Chicken Treats. Although giving your chickens an occasional treat will not harm them, we do advise that their basic diet should consist of Layers Pellets in a purpose-made feeder and a Mixed Corn scatter-feed.

For more Hints & Tips on Feeding your Chickens see our Information Centre.

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Join Phill (our founder) as he guides you through Chicken care with our top tips and tutorials.

Video 1 - Worms in Chickens

Phill discusses one of the main problems when owning and caring for Chickens: worms. An Easy to follow guide for how to deal with the cause for worm infection to eliminate the problem.

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10 things you should NOT feed your Chickens

  1. Dried or Raw Beans (Legumes) – NO! Never. They’re poisonous to chickens when raw.
  2. Potatoes – Cooked only, not raw, and never, ever, green potatoes.
  3. Leaves or plants of the Nightshade family e.g. tomatoes, aubergine, potatoes – No. Very toxic.
  4. Dairy – No, chickens cannot digest lactose (have you ever seen a chicken milk a cow?).
  5. Chocolate – No, it’s poisonous, and why would you!
  6. Avocado – No, not worth the risk especially not the skin or stone which contains persin.
  7. Raw Peanuts – No. Unless cooked over 300 deg F for over 30mins. Not worth the risk.
  8. Any processed foods – No, contains too much salt and fat which their bodies are not able to process.
  9. Rhubarb – No, the plant and fruit contain oxalic acid so are very toxic.
  10. Mouldy kitchen scraps – No. You wouldn’t eat them, why should your chickens.

If in doubt, don't do it! For a detailed list of what your chickens can and cannot eat see our Blog pages.

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