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Join Phill (our founder) as he guides you through Chicken care with our top tips and tutorials.

Video 1 - Worms in Chickens

Phill discusses one of the main problems when owning and caring for Chickens: worms. An Easy to follow guide for how to deal with the cause for worm infection to eliminate the problem.

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How to Store Fibre Egg Boxes

The Fibre Egg Boxes are moulded from recycled card and newspapers and will therefore need to be stored in a dry place. If left stored in a damp atmosphere (difficult during winter months of course) then some degree of moisture will be absorbed which will make the egg boxes 'softer' and harder to separate.

Please note - we advise that you should not leave or store coloured egg boxes in bright sunlight as they will discolour. The process of colouring fibre egg boxes does not allow a dye fixative to be used so they will fade in direct sunlight or bright daylight.

Our Egg Boxes are 100% safe for the packaging of eggs!

These brightly coloured egg boxes (recycled fibre pulp) are certified as food safe for the transportation of eggs (under EC Regulations). Food-safe here is qualified as food that is wrapped and not in direct contact with the container, like an egg, which is contained within an egg shell. It does not mean, for example, safe for unwrapped cakes or chocolates.

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