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Poultry Supplies

From Anti-Mite Sprays to Woodchip ... we can deliver!

Flyte so Fancy offers a comprehensive range of poultry supplies and equipment both on this website, and in our shop in Dorset. From Colourful Egg Boxes to sell your eggs to the right feed for your birds. We include products to defeat Red Mite in your Chicken Coop; Sprays to eradicate Scaly Leg and to prevent Feather Pecking; Sanitisers to keep their chicken coop clean or, you can give them a boost with the best Tonics.

We deliver your chicken supplies throughout the UK via couriers, normally on a next working day delivery. Just order online, we will confirm your order and let you know when it has been despatched.  If you prefer to place an order by phone, please call us or for any further queries email us

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Ask Phill

Join Phill (our founder) as he guides you through Chicken care with our top tips and tutorials.

Video 1 - Worms in Chickens

Phill discusses one of the main problems when owning and caring for Chickens: worms. An Easy to follow guide for how to deal with the cause for worm infection to eliminate the problem.

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Follow the Quick Links to the most popular products, and to some of our Hints & Tips Pages. For practical hands-on advice follow our evergreen YouTube Video Series of #AskPhill to answer many of the most frequently asked questions.

In our Information Centre you can find a treasure trove of Hints and Tips to the most common problems amongst chicken keepers as well as advice on Choosing a Chicken Coop or Deciding on your Ducks.

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