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Poultry Protection Pens

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Flyte so Fancy Poultry Protection Pens - available in sizes from 9ft x 9ft up to 9ft x 24ft.

The Flyte so Fancy Poultry Protection Pen is a large, completely enclosed, chicken run that comes in wired timber panels for you to simply screw together (full comprehensive instructions included!).

Six sizes are available for this walk-in chicken run with an option to add a solid translucent polycarbonate roof to create a bio-secure unit and help minimise your poultry's contact with the wild bird population, protect from predators and shelter from the rain.

The Poultry Protection Pen has been tested in all weathers (since 2005!) and is made to be transported in panels. We have designed the Pen so that, once assembled, it is robust and structurally stable in bad weather (this is no flimsy, 'blow-away’ unit).

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Completely wired in strong 1 in x ½ in green, plastic-coated, galvanised weldmesh, which is small enough to prevent little birds from jumping into the Pen (we don't use chicken wire because foxes will chew through it).

Click on the video icon to see the Flyte so Fancy team assemble the Pen in just 9 minutes!

This very strong welded mesh is stapled to a 38mm x 38mm pressure treated timber framework. Sizes start at 9ft x 9ft (approx) up to the largest size at 9ft x 24ft. Side panels are approx 5ft high. Head-height maximum inside is 6ft 6in. The door is 71cm wide x 139cm high.


  • The 9ft by 9ft Poultry Protection Pen has an actual size at the base of 2560mm (8ft 5in) wide x 2840mm (9ft 4in) deep.
  • The 9ft by 12ft Poultry Pen has exact measurements of 2560mm (8ft 5in) W x 3780mm (12ft 5in) at the base.
  • The 9ft x 15ft Poultry Protection Pen exact dimensions: 2560mm (8ft 5in) Wide x 4720mm (15ft 6in) Deep.
  • Larger 9ft x 18ft Poultry Protection Pen, suitable not only for chickens of course but many other animals and pets. This size has exact measurements of 2560mm (8ft 5in) W x 5660mm (18ft 7in) D. Please note that for this size or larger it would be very difficult to move the unit as a whole and it may be a consideration to place it on a permanent site using the Sleeper & Woodchip Packs.
  • The 9ft x 21ft is a very large Poultry Protection Pen with plenty of room inside for henhouses. This Pen can also be used for many pets, birds, animals (there is even one being used for three poorly seagulls). This Pen measures 2560mm (8ft 5in) W x 6600mm (21ft 8in) D.
  • The largest 9ft x 24ft Poultry Protection Pen, to keep your pets, poultry or birds safe and secure but with plenty of space - it is 211 sq ft. This size is the largest we suggest to maintain rigidity and it measures approx. 9ft by 24ft at the base. Exact measurements are 2560mm (8ft 5in) W x 7540mm (24ft 9in) D.

PLEASE check exact dimensions (footprint) for each Pen as we build in centimetres but round into feet for ease of description i.e. each Pen is longer than described and not as wide but the square footage is what counts.

We also offer the option to add a Polycarbonate Roof to the mesh roof panels. This solid roof option will give a UV stable translucent roof to shelter the ground and keep a large part of the run area dry.

Also available is a choice of Mesh Mating Panel Tunnels to connect your Henhouse to the outside of the Pen - if for a non-Flyte so Fancy House please give measurements. The Mating Panel would normally be positioned in the gable end opposite the door of the Pen but, if preferred, it can be placed in one of the side panels (please let us know as these two panels are not the same size).


Currently approx. 2 weeks delivery time.

The Pens are delivered flat-packed on a pallet via Palletline carrier. The pallet will arrive as layers of panels, each labelled with a letter, for self-assembly.

An instruction book is included and there is a video on the website to help. Plus, we are available by phone during office hours and by email otherwise. if you would like to see a copy of the assembly instructions before your purchase please just email

As a guide, the delivery charge starts at £49 for mainland England postcodes, see Delivery Information page. We will email offering a delivery date shortly after receiving your order.

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