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If, like us, you love all kinds of birds and animals then perhaps you will agree, only the best is good enough for the creatures in our care. Here at Flyte so Fancy we design and make timber housing to provide secure and comfortable homes for all kinds of poultry, pets, garden birds and wildlife.

From our beginnings, in 2001, we have seen a huge increase in garden chicken keeping. Over the years we have developed a range of Chicken Houses which will not only look good but are very easy to clean. We offer designs from the traditional Maggie’s Henhouses to the contemporary Framebow Arched Houses. Our aim is to help you keep your Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Cats, Dogs; Rabbits and Guinea Pigs; safe and happy.

All Flyte so Fancy houses – whether Coops, Catios, Kennels, Dovecotes, or Hutches - are made from sustainable pressure treated timber and built to last. So, please do browse through our website, we are on hand if you wish to call, and we deliver throughout the UK.

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Ask Phill

Join Phill (our founder) as he guides you through Chicken care with our top tips and tutorials.

Video 1 - Worms in Chickens

Phill discusses one of the main problems when owning and caring for Chickens: worms. An Easy to follow guide for how to deal with the cause for worm infection to eliminate the problem.

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