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Large Poultry Feeder Pan Dispenser


Large Poultry Feeder Pan Dispenser, to fit the BEC Emperor Feeder.

The Large Feed Pan Dispenser is suitable for most bird species including: chickens, pheasants, partridge, ducks, turkeys, geese, quail, bantams, etc. and can be used with a variety of feed types including: Wheat, Barley, Mixed Seed, and Pellets.



The Large Feed Pan Dispenser. Designed and made by BEC in the UK for their Emperor Feeder.

This feeder pan can provide automated feeding for any suitable bulk feed container. The feed pans are of rugged construction using recycled materials. The Emperor Feeder comes with a large feed pan as standard.

This large pan is 275mm diameter with a pan lip of 40mm and a total height of 125mm.

Feed flows down the central funnel into the four feeding troughs and is automatically replenished as it is used. Optional Anti-flick Ring available to prevent wastage. We recommend adding this anti-flick ring to an Emperor Feeder if you are using for poultry and your hens are 'messy eaters', it really helps to stop feed wastage.

The BEC Feed Pan Dispensers can be attached underneath any metal, plastic or wooden bulk feed container and are suitable for all kinds of poultry, game or waterfowl. Simply drill four 5.5mm holes for the retaining screws and one large 80mm hole at the centre of the base of your container for the feed to flow through. Then using the screws provided, fix the unit to your container.

Both the large and small pan dispensers have specially designed 'screens' within the pan separating the feeding troughs to prevent aggression amongst feeding birds. Each feeding trough has a unique drainage slot allowing water and dust to escape.


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