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Honeyfields Nyjer Seed Wild Bird Food, 1.6kg


Honeyfields Nyjer Seed Wild Bird Food, 1.6kg bag.

Offering this oil-rich fine Nyjer seed will help to attract Goldfinches, Bullfinches, Siskins and Redpolls to your garden if they reside locally.



Honeyfields Nyjer Seed for wild birds in and easy to carry 1.6kg bag.

Nyjer (or Niger/Nyger/Nijer) is a fine textured black thistle seed, rich in oil, a highly beneficial food for garden birds and loved by the finch family, especially Goldfinches. Nyjer seed is loved by Goldfinches, Bullfinches, Siskins and Redpolls so offering this thistle seed will attract these species to your garden if they reside locally.

About Nyjer Seed: In the UK, Nyjer is loved by all finches, especially Goldfinches; also Siskins, Tree Sparrows and Redpolls but, if given the choice, most birds will actively choose Nyjer seed. Because Nyjer seed is so tiny, it is perfect for small seed-eating birds such as finches. It will also encourage larger seed-eating birds, which will often feed on the ground looking for seeds that have been dropped by other birds.

An important thing to consider when feeding Nyjer, is the type of seed feeder. Because of its small and fine size, Nyjer seed will spill out of regular seed feeders as their ports are too large. However, Nyjer Feeders are designed as a feed tube with perches just like regular feeders, but with much smaller ports. The smaller ports are helpful in keeping the seed from being eaten by any unwanted birds but also prevents it spilling out.

Just place Nyjer Seed in a small port Niger feeder and, if you are patient, finches will soon find your feeder.  We have a huge number of goldfinches here in the garden at Flyte so Fancy - we counted over 40 of them one day feeding either on the feeders or on the ground - and lately we have noticed a delightful number of Siskins visiting the feeders too.

Spilled Nyjer seeds can make quite a mess under the feeders though and, whilst any stray seeds won’t sprout because of the sterilisation, the discarded seed hulls can prevent grass growth. Therefore, it’s probably wise to invest in a tray that will catch any debris, and it’s a good method of attracting the larger seed-eaters too.


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