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Hampton Guinea Pig Hutch


The Framebow Hampton Guinea Pig Hutch with integral under-house run is one of our two new designs for 2020 - see also the Helford Hutch.

The Hampton is a robust Outdoor (or indoor) Guinea Pig Hutch with a unique curvy design - UK made and built to last!

Features include:
* Easy access to Living Space and Run area for cleaning and tending
* One solid door for sleeping area, 35cm wide; meshed door to the living area, 76cm wide
* Green coated galvanised mesh, half-inch by one inch, to keep your pets secure
* Translucent, Twin-wall, Polycarbonate Weather Shutter for mesh door
* Very contemporary well-made hutch of superior quality
* UK Made and Designed by Framebow
* Delivered Ready Assembled

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Perfectly suited for guinea pigs as well as a variety of smaller pets as an outdoor pet house e.g. Dwarf Rabbits, Hamsters; or smart enough to bring inside in the colder months.

A lovely, curvy, accessible little house with a curved roof and run giving it great aesthetic appeal. It is tastefully designed by Framebow and made here in our Dorset workshop.

Very solid construction of thick pressure treated Swedish Redwood (see our information page, Pressure Treated Timber) with a floor of hardwood plywood. Easy all-round access, the sleeping box is divided from the living space by a wooden partition for more draught free comfort and your pets can venture out through their little door to the living space and then go down the ramp to their run area for lots of lovely fresh air.

The curved timber roof on the Hampton Hutch follows the shape to the ground which will provide some shade and shelter 'downstairs'. Inside the living quarters this roof is lined with a 3mm thick recycled, re-purposed agricultural plastic liner - meaning this timber roof will never leak.

The under-house area is ideal for placing daytime feed and provides shade and shelter for your little pets. It is surprising how much time your guinea pigs will spend outside, given the opportunity, and with all this extra leg room, there's less chance for boredom.


Overall Ext. Dimensions
132cm wide x 100cm deep (at the ground) x 130cm high
Internal Hutch Floor
125cm W x 77cm deep (x 60cm high at the front)
At ground level
externally 122cm W x 99cm D
Inside run area
115cm W x 95cm D x 65cm H


Currently approx. 9 weeks for Delivery.

The Hampton Hutch is delivered ready assembled, on a wooden pallet on an arranged day to suit you. Delivery is via Palletline delivery company and costs start at £49.00 (to mainland England). See our Delivery Information page for details of pallet deliveries.

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