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Granary 25 Hen House


The Granary 25 Hen House - A Large Hen House to accommodate 25 chickens. It sits grandly on top of 6 Staddles Stones as traditional Granaries used to do.

This is the largest of the Granary range, approx. 6ft wide by 4ft deep by 8ft high. The Granary 25 is a large walk-in Hen House which provides spacious living for 25 - 30 lucky feathered ladies.

Choose from two roof finishes - Shiplap Timber or Slate-effect Tiles. Also see our Painting Service options or the add-in Feed Store option.

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This large Hen House has an option of either a Timber or a Tiled Roof and sits on six Staddle Stones - beautifully modelled here by our large Brahma Cockerel (Bruce) and his Blue Orpington girls.

It includes six Staddle Stones; a PVC Droppings Sheet; three long perches positioned 45cm (18in) above the floor - we can make these lower if required; external lift-off nest boxes and it provides easy access through the large walk-in front door. It is also VSB Auto-Door (Internal) compatible.

Choose your Roof type:
The T&G Shiplap Timber Roof is 21mm thick (ex-25mm) slow-grown Swedish Redwood T&G Shiplap which is then fixed in place over an exterior-grade plywood liner and finished with a timber ridge bar.

The Slate-effect Tiled Roof is made from a BBA certified polyester resin composite, widely used on residential houses - also secured on to a plywood base. The tiles are so effective you would believe they were Welsh Slate, until you touch them. The Tiled Roof is finished with a lead trim along the apex.

* Removable perches * Lift-off Nest Box * Sits on 6 Staddle Stones * Large access door * PVC Droppings Sheet included * Feed Store option * Internal max. height 6ft 4in * Good ventilation * Painting options * Stylish design * Black Ornate Hinges & Hooks * Finial finish for barge boards *

The Granary 25 also has the option of adding a small built-in feed store cupboard into the side of the house so that it will keep your feed, bedding and chicken keeping bits 'n' bobs nice and dry. Note: this reduces the space and the perch length inside the hen house.

Overall external (incl roof overhang, nest box, staddle stones & finial, not incl steps which extend 50cm) - 221cm wide x 176cm deep x 252cm high.
House body excl roof overhang 188cm wide and depth 127cm.
Internal dimensions 182cm wide x 122cm deep x 193cm high.

Three perches inside are 2 x 183cm and 1 x 176cm long. The Staddle Stones are 30cm high. Access door width 65cm x 131cm high, pop-hole 27cm wide x 30cm high.

Delivery charge starts at £49 for mainland England destinations. Currently 1 - 2 week delivery.

This house arrives flat-packed, in panels for self-assembly, on a wooden pallet via Palletline transport company. If you would like to see how easy assembly is please just email for a preview of the instructions.

After placing your order a separate confirmation email will detail delivery method and date - or - visit our Delivery Information page.

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