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Garvo Alfamix for Chicks

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Garvo Alfamix For Chicks (1080) - Available in 4kg and 12.5kg bags.

Alfamix is suitable for all chicks whether in natural breeding systems, where the mother hen eats alongside the chicks, or if bred in an incubator.

Garvo Alfamix for Chicks contains protein-rich pellets, amphipods and fine seeds as well as all the required vitamins, minerals and trace elements to meet a chicks needs in its early days.



Alfamix Chicks is the optimum rearing food for chicks or small breeds of poultry. You can feed Alfamix Chicks from the second day of life. Ensure a long feeding dish so the chicks can consume Alfamix Chicks as needed.

You can also use the feed for the chicks of the pheasant family, quails, partridges, peacocks and other fancy poultry. The chicks like to eat Alfamix and should consume the feed ad-lib.

Composition: Toasted de-hulled extracted soya, wheat, maize, maize gluten feed, barley, sorgum, peeled oats, dehydrated alfalfa meal, broken peas, yellow millet, red millet, dried amphipods, brewers yeast, soya oil, spinach seed, rapeseed, blue peas, linseeds, shell grit, rice, lecithin, soft acid.

Feeding Advice from Garvo: Alfamix Chicks is a complete feed for the chicks of chickens and other galliform birds. No additional feed is required. Do not supply food in the first 24 hours after hatching. It is better for the chicks to live off of the food supply received in the egg first. Provide fresh, lukewarm drinking water immediately. 

Tip: Allow food to be consumed entirely each day, mix possible remains loosely with water. 

Garvo is a Dutch Poultry Feed manufacturer making a range of high-quality GM-free feeds for chicken keepers whether showing birds, keeping on a large scale or for small home keepers.


Standard delivery via courier is next working day to most mainland UK destinations for orders placed before 2pm (excl. weekends and bank holidays).

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