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Garvo Alfamix for Chickens

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Garvo Alfamix For Chickens - 4kg or 12.5kg bags.

Alfamix Chickens is a complete food for all poultry, from bantam hens to large fowl. You will not need to add anything else.

Garvo 1055 Alfamix Chickens gives a natural balanced diet as it contains shell grit, vegetables and dried lobster, as well as the seeds. The food contains healthy fatty acids (for example from linseed) and natural carotene.



A complete chicken food with seeds, amphipods, vegetables & grit to give you delicious and healthy eggs from your own chickens.

Chickens are omnivores and out in the open, they would naturally eat vegetation, berries and insects, in addition to seeds. The composition makes the food complete, a specifically balanced diet to keep your chickens perfectly healthy and help develop a high level of natural resistance.

Garvo is a Dutch Poultry Feed manufacturer making a wide range of high-quality GM-free feeds for chicken keepers, whether showing birds, keeping on a large scale or for small home keepers.

Feeding Advice from Garvo:
You can scatter the Alfamix chickens in the run, or place them in a food dish or tube feeder. Provide fresh water and food on a daily basis. Make sure the food is eaten up every day in order to avoid selective eating.

Chickens will eat the Alfamix in accordance with their nutritional needs. The quantity eaten depends on the bird’s size, level of activity, whether they are laying eggs and/or receiving any additional food by free-ranging.

We would recommend giving them the quantity of food they will eat during a 20 to 22 hour period once a day.

Composition: wheat, sorgum, toasted extracted de-hulled soya, cracked la-plata maize, cracked maize, broken peas, extracted rape seed, maize gluten feed, limestone, wheat flakes, spinach seed, mussel shells, barley, red millet, white dari, yellow millet, carrot pellets, black sunflower seed, safflower seed, peeled oats, dried amphipods, linseed, rapeseed, buckwheat, soya oil, brewers yeast, lecithin, soft acid.


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98% of 100
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