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Flyte Bat Roosting Box


The Flyte Bat Box to encourage small roosting bats to breed and keep them safe.

When so many bat roosts are being damaged or destroyed annually (it is against the law by the way to destroy a Bat colony), by agricultural practices or change of building usage, then providing a purpose made Bat Roosting Box will help these tiny creatures survive.



The Flyte Wooden Bat Box is ideal for the small Pipistrelle Bats, the UKs most common bat, and it can accommodate up to 12 bats. These small mammals are very sociable creatures and prefer to live in colonies.

Different Bat species need different boxes and the Flyte Bat Box is ideal for smaller bat species. Place several boxes on a building to create a large colony. At the bottom of the box there is a grooved ‘landing ramp’ or ladder which carries into the box to give their claws purchase and equally, internally, the grooves will provide extra grip.

Bats like well insulated boxes to maintain a more constant temperature and humidity but do not like draughts so our Bat Box has an entrance slit at the bottom which is just wide enough for bats but will keep out any predators. The box has a brass-hinged lid for access to the inside (remember, only if unoccupied).

  • Material: Untreated Swedish Redwood from an FSC Certified supplier;
  • Colours: Chestnut Brown or Pale Green (animal safe nano-technology coating).
  • Size overall: 35.5cm H x 14.5cm W x 14.5cm D;
  • Actual Box: 20cm H x 14.5cm W x 9.5cm D.
  • Landing ramp is 10cm H x 14.5cm W.
  • Weight: approx. 2kg.

Guidance for Siting your Bat Box: Your Bat Box should be mounted quite high on a building in a sheltered sunny spot. Pre-drilled holes for mounting are placed top and bottom of the back timber. Mount your Flyte Bat Box on a wall/building free from obstructions, like trees and fences, to give at least 20ft of open space around the box.

Some foliage around the box is not a problem but it needs a site that will allow the bats to locate the house and easily fly in and out of it. Place it on a building or barn at least 12ft-15ft high, sheltered from strong winds and facing southeast-southwest for maximum exposure to sunlight. When mounting at such a height please consider your own safety.

When placing on buildings, mount as close to the eaves as possible and if there are hedges or tree lines nearby this will help the bats to navigate to the box. Be patient, it may take several months for the Bats to find a new home. To inspect the box, check first whether it is occupied, look for small pellet droppings and urine stains on the landing ramp.

Correct placing of your bat box will help to control its internal temperature, which is important to avoid large variations in temperature as well as making the roosting bats feel secure.

Once mounted an occupied Bat Box should not be opened, it is against the law without a licence to do this.

Bat Facts: The Bat Conservation Trust, and many other groups, are working hard to ensure the survival of these intriguing nocturnal creatures. Pipistrelles are one of the UK’s smallest and most common Bat species, so tiny they could fit in a matchbox, and weigh barely 7 grams. But even our largest native bats like the Noctule, weighing in at 30-40g, is no bigger than the palm of your hand.


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