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Egg Box Labels - Proud Chicken


Make more impact with your egg box display for increased sales, or just personalise your gifts, with these unique, customisable Flyte so Fancy Egg Box Labels for half-dozen egg boxes.

Suitable for the iMagic style, Ovopack or Standard Grey egg boxes. Available in rolls of 100, 500 or 1000. For larger quantities please call for a price.

Choose from two label titles, two sizes and two colours - White or Clotted Cream. Select the main title of your label from the drop-down box, then colour, followed by size and quantity. Enter the text you require in the final box to personalise your label.


Maximum number of characters: 150

Rolls of 100, 500 or 1000 Semi-gloss adhesive labels, with our unusual (and cute!) Proud Chicken design, suitable for half dozen egg boxes.

Select title from: ‘Fresh Eggs … Specially Laid for you by’ or ‘Free Range Eggs’.

Label sizes: Standard 102mm x 68mm or iMagic-type 92mm x 76mm.

Colours: Black print on white or clotted cream labels.

Line drawing design, with a caricature hen proudly showing her freshly laid, very large, egg.

Personalise your label with your details (e.g. name, address, phone number) or required text. Placement of the text depends on amount of text you need, and we will arrange the layout to look its best. The images are for guidance as to where the personal text will be placed under the drawing. Enter your text as one line please.

The 102 x 68mm label will fit the Standard Plain Grey Egg box and the 92 x 76mm size is suitable for all iMagic boxes, including Jumbo, and also for the Ovopack Plastic boxes (just!).

Please allow up to 3 working days delivery for egg box labels as they are printed in-house. If ordered with egg boxes or other items then you whole order will arrive with the egg box labels.

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