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Dorset Stroller Chicken Coop - Vertical Door - No Heart Window

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Dorset Stroller Chicken Coop, a mobile chicken house for up to 8 birds.

The Stroller Chicken Coop is the one for you if ...

* You want to move the chicken coop regularly, just on your own
* Need a chicken coop for about 6 to 8 hens
* Want easy access for cleaning through a removable roof panel
* Prefer removable external egg laying boxes
* You want a Dirt Tray included

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This is a mobile Chicken Coop and has room for 8 laying birds, it can be moved whenever you wish, just pick up the handles and push!

To keep your hens safe when needed you can add a 6ft Wired Run or a 9ft Wired Run for the Dorset Stroller.

External nest boxes make it very spacious inside and with the long perches you may be able to accommodate up to ten smaller birds like bantams. The nest boxes are held in place with cabin hooks which make it simple to remove for cleaning.

The roof panel is an easy lift-out action to make cleaning and access very easy, plus, there is a pull-out droppings tray which can be removed from the back of the house.

This version of the Dorset Stroller comes with a vertical pop-hole door which locks into place with a strong galvanised bolt (without the heart window) - a completely secure and fox-proof house.

To add an automatic pop-hole door opener to the Dorset Stroller Coop just add the VSD Door Kit to your order and we will fit it for you free of charge. The VSD Unit and Lightweight Door is fitted inside the Coop.

Dimensions: Overall external incl handles and nestbox - 124cm wide x 145cm long x 115cm high. Internal floor: 76cm x 106cm. Pop-hole: 25cm w x 31cm h. Perch height from floor of house 24cm.


Up to 6 large or 8 average size hens
Body Timber
16mm T&G, pressure treated, Scandinavian Redwood
Roof Timber
21mm T&G Shiplap, pressure treated, Scandinavian Redwood
Exterior-grade 9mm Sealed Hardwood Plywood
Design Features
Mobile Coop
Removable roof panel
Plywood droppings tray
Lift-off External Nestbox
VSD compatible (internal)
Overall external (incl handles and nestbox): 124cm wide x 145cm long x 115cm high
Internal floor: 76cm x 106cm
Pop-hole: 25cm w x 31cm h
Perch height from floor 24cm
Ready-assembled or Flat-packed for self-assembly


Currently 3-4 week delivery.

This house can be delivered ready assembled, or flat-packed in panels for self-assembly, carefully wrapped on a pallet.

Delivery charges are from £49.00 for mainland England, other areas are higher. See our Delivery Page for more information.

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