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Protection Pen Mating Panel

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Protection Pen Standard Mating Panel


Price: 60.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


If you don't want to, or can't get, your Hen House inside the Protection Pen then this could be the answer. A Mating Panel (connecting tunnel) will replace the central gable end panel opposite the door and create an enclosed tunnel between your henhouse and your Pen.

If preferred you could choose to have the Mating Panel in a side panel, along the long side that is (shown here with our Handy 10 Henhouse), just mention when ordering. The side panels (Panel E's) are a different width to the end panels (Panel D's) so we would need to know where you plan to have the Mating Panel.

It will free up all the space in the Pen for the chickens and give you easy access to the house by having it outside the Pen.

The bottom part of the protection pen panel becomes the entrance to the pen for the hens. You then have a further three wired panels, one of which forms the roof of a 'tunnel' and then you screw the two extra side panels (of the tunnel) in place, so that the pop-hole of your house opens in to the tunnel and the hens just walk out in to the Pen.

The standard opening of the tunnel measures 70cm high x 87cm wide and extends 70cm outside the Pen. Custom sizes can be made for non- Flyte so Fancy houses, just phone with measurements, or, we make the appropriate size to fit any of our houses. Just add it to your Protection Pen order.

This option will suit any of our standard hen houses with the normal 6 in - 9 in legs. For our long-legged houses see below.

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