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FSF Winter Care Pack for Chickens

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FSF Winter Care Pack for Chickens


Price: 52.25 (Including VAT at 20%)


The Flyte so Fancy Winter Care Package.

We have put together a pack of chicken keeping goodies to help with the winter care of your hens and cockerels and keep them in good condition throughout wet and cold winter months.

The pack includes:-

+ Battles Comb and Wattle Protector. A cream treatment for cockerels, or heavily wattled birds, to prevent frostbite of these vulnerable places. Can also be applied to their legs to protect against long periods of freezing daytime temperatures, or when they spend time standing in the snow and ice.

+ Battles Disinfectant Spray, 1 litre A powerful disinfectant cleaning spray, to leave your chicken coop smelling fresh and clean.

+ Garvo Alfamix for Chickens, 4kg bag. A top-quality feed treat for your birds in the winter months. Packed with protein and extra carbohydrate this will be great to give a a treat of even to feed all the time if you wish.

+ 100ml Oreganico Poultry Tonic. A super tonic for your birds to help with winter sniffles and to keep their immune system in tip-top condition.

+ 2kg Flyte Coop & Run Sanitiser Powder. A very absorbent powder being able to absorb at least 1.5 litres of water per kg of powder. This forms into dry clumps which are then easy to remove. This can aid the fight against the coccidia growth as well as reducing humidity in the Coop which can cause respiratory infections in chickens. Also use to sprinkle on the ground of their run to fight bacteria.

+ 15kg HempBed-E Bedding with added Eucalyptus. When the birds have to spend so many dark hours in their house during the winter months this will help deflect any respiratory problems, and reduce the smell they create overnight, it absorbs a lot of moisture, and is finely chopped so a little goes along way.

+ FSF Boredom Buster Pecking Ring to hang up in their run or near the house. It keeps them busy all day when they cannot scratch around on the frozen ground. Packed with corn, grit, shell and molasses to give them energy.

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Online Shop |  Poultry Supplies |  Health & Hygiene Products |  FSF Winter Care Pack for Chickens