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NEW - VSE Auto Door Opener with integrated timer



Price: 149.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

The VSE Electronic Door Opener is a new design for 2019 from AXT with an integrated digital timer. Complete all-in-one battery operated device.

It will open and close the chicken coop pop-hole door when it gets light or dark, as do the VSB and VSD units but this unit can also be controlled by the timer. You operate the menu via a control magnet at the front of the front cover. A light sensor is built inside the device. No extra light sensor required if the unit is mounted outside the coop.

However, when installing the door opener inside the coop, please order an external light sensor (AS) to connect to the VSE and then the sensor is placed to the outside of the coop.

The NEW VSE unit has an Integrated timer with digital display and menu control easily visible. Separate morning and evening settings are possible (open until 12:00, close from 12:00 to 24:00) as well as a weekend function (Saturday and Sunday and/or Sunday, different settings are possible). Operation is from the outside of the casing by magnet, your key to the VSE.

With the VSE you can also open and close the door manually using the magnet. The magnet is held to a control panel on the base of the casing of the device, which triggers the function (close or open). The housing does not have to be opened and there are no mechanical components that could break.

* 4-year manufacturers Warranty
* Battery operation: 4 x alkaline batteries (AA, LR6) are included. Battery life approx. 2 years
* Small Red Magnet included (recommend attaching a cord to this so it does not get lost)
* Battery low indicator (red LED)
* Indicator for 'closed mode' (flashing green LED)
* External light sensor (1 m long) can be connected for mounting the device inside the coop
* Door stops if there is a chicken underneath. Continues to close when the animal is gone.
* Up to 3 kg door weight

12V power supply available as accessory (optional) - Operate device via 230V power socket, batteries can remain in device as emergency power supply (contact manufacturers

Manual operation via the magnet:
Close the door by holding the magnet to the red part of the casing. The door stays closed until the next morning and then opens again automatically - you don't have to do anything. Or, open the door in the morning, it closes automatically that evening.

The mounting is very simple: First mount the aluminium door (or your own wooden door), pull it up into the open position, mount the VSE so that you can connect it to the door via the loop. Then insert the batteries and you are done.

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Online Shop |  Auto Chicken House Door Openers |  NEW - VSD & VSE Auto Pop-hole Door Openers |  NEW - VSE Auto Door Opener with integrated timer