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VSD Door Kit for Hobby Hen Houses


Price: 155.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


We have put together a complete Automatic Door Opener kit to suit the FSF Hobby Henhouse, so you can buy in one click and be sure that you have received all you need.

Fitted internally, and operating by external light sensor cable, this VSD kit gives you the convenience of a fully automated door opener, without having to compromise on the attractiveness of your Hobby Henhouse.

If ordering at the same time as the hen house we will fit it free of charge, if retro fitting you will only need to add the small piece of plywood for mounting inside the house.

Full details of how the VSD units work can be found on this page: VSD Door Openers.
If you want to give yourself more control over the opening or closing of the door, the VSD comes with a manual override system, which can be incorporated with an additional cable. Or if you find yourself dealing with a particularly rebellious hen who refuses to go in before dark, the Digital Battery Timer is the perfect way to fine tune your opening and closing times.

Kit contains:
VSD Door Opener
External Light Sensor Cable
VSD Lightweight Aluminium Door - medium
Plywood for mounting VSD box
FSF Instruction booklet

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