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The Gypsy Wayfarer Chicken House

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The Gypsy Wayfarer Chicken House
The Gypsy Wayfarer Chicken House - view 1Heart Window of Gypsy Hen HouseInside the Gypsy Wayfarer Hen HouseFront of Gypsy Wayfarer
View 3 Gypsy WayfarerPerches inside the Gypsy Wayfarer Hen HouseChicken deco on Gypsy Wayfarer Chicken House 

The Gypsy Wayfarer Chicken House


Price: 3,300.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


For those seeking simplicity as the pure essence of the Gypsy life, we offer The Wayfarer as the way forward. The Wayfarer is perfect either for painting yourself, or your Gypsy's double-protected timber will develop its gorgeous golden honeyed hue and patina with the passing of the seasons.

Individually hand-made in our rural Dorset workshop, your Gypsy is created from pressure-treated, air-dried, Swedish Redwood from sustainable sources.

Built as a romantic hideaway for up to fifteen lucky ladies, The Gypsy Wayfarer boasts an impressive list of quality features including: Solid Marine Chandlery Brass fittings; Heavy gauge Steel galvanized and trim-finished roof; Hand-made solid Steel, steerable wheels and axles; Double plated screws and Stainless Steel nails throughout; Detachable external nestbox; Removable perches; Easy-clean slide-out double-sealed plywood dirt tray; Upper double Stable door and lower single door with pop hole; Twin trademark Heart-shaped sliding windows; Fold-up lockable steps and a custom-made Steel handlebar attachment for steering and relocating your Gypsy.

For a complete list of features in greater detail, please see the 'Design' and 'Features' sections.

The Gypsy Wayfarer is offered at £3,300.00, depending on your delivery preferences. Personal delivery, ready assembled, is included in the price for destinations within 100 miles of our Dorset base.

For further information or to request a brochure, please telephone Anne or Phillip on 01300 345 229. You are also welcome to send your enquiry to

Hand-made by Craftsmen who care, using the best of traditional techniques allied with modern know-how in our rural Dorset workshop. The Timber used is pressure-treated Scandinavian Redwood, air-dried and treated to ensure a long life and peace of mind. All our Timber is sourced from one family mill in Sweden, certified and approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council of Great Britain.

Joinery-grade, pressure-treated Scandinavian Redwood Timber, air-dried to ensure a long life and peace of mind. All our Timber is from sustainable sources, certified and approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council of Great Britain.

Solid Marine Chandlery Brass hinges, hasps, locks and latches radiate burnished beauty and unparalleled quality, assuring generations of durability. Chandlery Brass is the finest of marine materials, extolled by traditional Cabinetmakers and Yachtsmen the world over for its aesthetic durability.

This minute attention to quality detailing is complemented by the use of Stainless Steel nails and durable double-plated screws throughout.

We use only the highest quality, heaviest gauge fully-galvanized Steel for your Gypsy roof, edge trimmed for complete protection, with a deep slate grey colour.

Wheels & Mobility:
No Gypsy Caravan would be complete without fully-working running gear, and our steerable system is designed to be practical and durable as well as attractive. Forged from heavy gauge solid Steel, our wheels and axles are individually hand-made by our local Blacksmith using traditional techniques passed down from father to son. All wheels and axles are then additionally enhanced by two coats of special protective paint.

To steer and move your Gypsy from place to place we also include a steel handlebar attachment which fits to the front axle underneath the Caravan steps which fold up into a locking position. Please note that the Gypsy has not been designed for sustained towing (by a vehicle or horse for example) and due care and attention should be exercised at all times.

Easy access and an absence of 'food traps' are the essential precursors to easy cleaning, so we have designed The Gypsy with singular features to make cleaning a breeze. The Gypsy's stable door enables easy access to the interior, where removable perches are situated above an easy-pull-out dirt tray. Constructed of high quality Marine-grade ply and additionally sealed for an even longer life, the dirt tray slides completely out of the Gypsy to make changing the floor shavings a synch.

The long external nestbox is completely removable by releasing latches designed specially for the purpose, allowing not only the nestbox to be tipped if required but also opening up additional access to the Gypsy's interior.

Egg Collection
Children love to collect eggs and Hens prefer privacy and a cosy environment in which to lay, so we have designed the ideal nestbox to keep both your ladies and any children contented. At the same time as providing three comfy, secluded and partitioned individual areas within a long, external nestbox, we have not forgotten the human element either; Lift up the nestbox's brass-hinged, lockable lid and voila, your breakfast quandaries are solved! The nestbox section also detaches completely from your Gypsy for easy cleaning.

Three perfectly shaped and ideally spaced perches guarantee a natural roosting environment for up to fifteen of your girls to relax and unwind after a hard day's laying and foraging. The perches are also removable for easy cleaning.

Good ventilation is essential for happy Hens, so your Gypsy benefits from two sliding heart-shaped windows to enable you to ensure an airy, draught-free environment in all seasons.

Delivery: }Due to the bespoke nature of The Gypsy Collection and the individual locations and preferences of our Customers, please telephone 01300 345 229 to discuss the range of delivery options available. Alternatively please do feel free to make an enquiry by sending an email to

Our current sphere of delivery encompasses the whole of the UK, however individual delivery options will need personal attention so please do telephone to discuss your requirements.

Delivery timescales are currently over 7 weeks.

Dimensions: The external dimensions of your Gypsy (including the external Nestbox and with the folding steps in the 'down' position) are as follows:

Width 1530mm : Length 2630mm : Height 1680mm

The Gypsy Wayfarer is priced at £3,300.00, which includes delivery, ready assembled, with 100miles of Flyte so Fancy in Dorset.

For postcodes (within UK) further afield we would try to deliver ourselves if we can, or we may need to despatch in a flatpacked form for delivery by pallet company. The Wayfarer would then need self assembly and would arrive with full instructions. Please note: We only deliver the Gypsy Houses within mainland UK.

Since there are a range of delivery options available including full and partial assembly we recommend that you telephone 01300 345 229 to fully discuss your requirements.

The Gypsy Wayfarer Chicken Houses

The Gypsy Wayfarer Chicken Houses

VSD Door Opener Kit for Gypsy Henhouses


Price: 180.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


VSD Auto Door Kit for Gypsy Henhouse. Mounted on the inside of the front access door.

If you order this Automatic Pop-hole Door Opener at the same time as the henhouse then we will fit this for you free of charge - if ordering for retro-fitting then it will come with full instructions.

Full details of how the VSD units work can be found on this page: VSD Door Openers. If you want to give yourself more control over the opening or closing of the door, the VSD comes with a manual override system, which can be incorporated with an additional cable. Or if you find yourself dealing with a particularly rebellious hen who refuses to go in before dark, the Digital Battery Timer is the perfect way to fine tune your opening and closing times.

Kit contains: Internal VSD unit mounted on to a Medium Aluminium Door; External Light Sensor Cable; Timber strut; Screw in Eye; Extra cord; P-clips for the cords, Booklet of Instructions.

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