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Poultry Palace Sheltered Nester

Ref: 13207

Price: 34.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


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The Poultry Palace Sheltered Nester, by Stubbs of England. A simple solution when temporary extra space is needed or to provide garden shelter.

Dimensions externally: 44cm wide (max) x 43cm high (max) x 39cm deep.

We think this is a super idea to provide many solutions for shelter, dustbaths, extra nest box, brooding hens or just for extra space. In fact, we think there are of lots of things that this simple enclosed little plastic box could provide an answer for ...

* Extra nesting box space, indoors or out
* Covered dustbath area in the run or about the garden
* Isolation box when birds have to be put into a separate run area
* New bird introduction house to prevent feather pecking/aggression
* A Broody Hen nest box to prevent nestbox 'hogging' or to keep her separate inexpensively
* Easy to clean and disinfect
* Reduces chances of mite and lice in broody hens
* Completely portable and lightweight
* Easy to store when not in use
* Moulded in one piece and durable
* Waterproof, rot proof, non-porous polypropylene
* Available in Green, Brown, Yellow, Pink, Purple or Blue.

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