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Owl Nesting Boxes

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Flyte Little Owl Nesting Box


Price: 49.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Flyte Little Owl Nesting Box, purpose made for Little Owls.

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Little Owls are tiny - just 20 to 23cm long (8 inches), and with a wingspan of 54cm to 58cm, they weigh approx. 200g. Introduced into the UK in the 1800s they are the smallest of the owl family and widely found throughout Europe.

Their small round face is flat above the eyes which makes it look as though it is frowning, and their heads often bob up and down when they are concentrating. The plumage is greyish-brown, spotted, streaked and barred with white which does allow them to blend into many natural backgrounds.

They can often be seen during the day sitting on fence posts to pounce on any passing prey. They hunt for small mammals, birds, moths, beetles and other invertebrates in a wide range of habitats from open fields, orchards or woodland edges as well as farm muck piles, rotting compost in gardens and mature wood piles.

The Little Owl Nest Box is designed to replicate a natural nesting spot for them. They like to inhabit natural deep holes in mature trees or suitable small spaces in old buildings and open barns. Little Owls often pair for life and the female incubates 2 or 3 eggs a year but the population is considered stable and has a 'not of concern' status.

This box gives a perch point outside the entry hole and a small tunnel which makes it nice and dark inside, so they feel safe. It has two small solid brass hinges on the side access door for cleaning (every 2 - 3 years), it is also screwed shut to prevent predators. This Owl Box is made from 20mm thick, pressure treated, Scandinavian Redwood boards and further protected with a Chestnut Brown nano-technology coating to make sure it lasts for many, many years.

Mounting: The Little Owl Box should be mounted sideways/horizontally at approx. 2.5m above the ground in a sheltered position with the entry hole facing north east - south east. Mature trees, old stone buildings or open barns are best so they can hunt for prey easily. When mounting Owl Boxes please consider your own safety first.

Dimensions: 23cm wide max, main body 19.5cm wide x 24cm deep. Overall roof length 46cm and overall box height 39.5cm. Dowell perch 25mm dia and 12cm long. Weight approx 7kg.

Flyte Tawny Owl Nesting Box


Price: 95.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


The Tawny Owl, one of the most frequently seen and heard owls, is about the size of a woodpigeon. We have designed this nest box to suit their nesting habits so it can be positioned in woodland trees to encourage nesting and breeding of these lovely creatures.

Tawny Owls are by far the most common owl in the UK. Primarily a woodland species of wild bird, they have adapted to live almost anywhere there are trees, even suburban gardens. They prefer farmland copses, as well as more extensive areas of woodland and forestry. It is highly unlikely you would find Tawny Owls roosting in a building and certainly not nesting in one.

They naturally like to roost in tree cavities but will take readily to a purpose-made nesting box. Although a mature wooded garden would suit them, they are very sensitive to disturbance and can be quite aggressive, especially when sitting on the nest, so a garden near children or a road may not be ideal. Also, in urban areas they can be prone to vandalism so it would be wise to install the box at a height of at least 4m.

The Flyte Tawny Owl Box is approx 2ft 8in tall and 1ft 9in front to back (incl. roof) so it is quite a large nest box and weighs 12kg. Made using top quality, FSC certified, pressure treated Scandinavian Redwood (rot-resistant) throughout. All nails are stainless steel and screws are double plated (to prevent rust). Includes metal mounting plates.

The large square opening at the front is the optimum size to encourage Tawny Owls and the depth inside ensures they can keep the owlets safe once hatched. There is a brass hinged access hatch at the front for the cleaning access and there are solid blocks with metal braces at the back to give a good mounting point.

Dimensions: Externally: 80cm high x 23cm-28cm wide (excl. perch) x 45cm-54cm deep. The base is 23cm wide x 45cm deep externally and 42cm deep internally. The Roof is 28cm wide at eaves and 54cm deep incl porch. The overall height is 80cm but the height inside from floor to access hole is 43cm. The Entrance hole is 19.5cm wide x 24cm high with a landing perch which extends 23cm to the right of the box.

Installing the Tawny Owl Box: Before erecting an Owl Box please do make a risk assessment for the height it will need to be installed at e.g. 3m - 4m high in a tree. The box is approx 12kg so doing this single handed (whilst on a ladder) should be considered carefully. We suggest this is at least a two-person task.

This Owl Box can be installed in taller trees, preferably within a woodland area or mature wooded garden, at approx. 3.4m. The box should be sheltered from prevailing weather, mounted upright and screwed securely in place. Make sure there are nearby branches for landing and also that you can access the box for cleaning.

Flyte Barn Owl Nesting Box


Price: 159.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


The Flyte Barn Owl Box has been designed and made with great care to be the optimum requirements for these wonderful birds.

It provides the security and space they need to help them nest in safety. This Owl Box is approx 2ft 8in high by 2ft at its widest by 2ft 7in max deep.

The Flyte Barn Owl Box is very large; weighing about 28kg. The perfect size for Barn Owls and built to last. Made from pressure treated (rot-resistant) timber throughout with an exterior plywood floor; it is beautifully finished, very substantial and will last for many years.

With guidance from The Barn Owl Trust, we have created a home to be mounted on a barn or in a large tree (see hints and tips below for installing your Owl Box). You can mount two boxes together as long as they are at least 500m apart.

The base/floor is the widest dimension, to allow a good floor space inside, and the sides taper in towards the roof eaves. The roof overhangs the front balcony like a porch to provide protection for the entrance hole and the balcony. This will help to shield the entrance hole from weather and allow the owlet fledglings protection when they venture on to the balcony.

This balcony shelf allows the fledglings space to sit and assess their new world and has a raised edge to prevent them falling. Under the balcony is a 'human' access hatch for cleaning which is normally done between November and January but only perhaps every 2 - 3 years. Note: under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, it is an offence to disturb breeding Barn Owls.

External dimensions: 82cm high x 64cm wide at base, 49cm wide at eaves x 53cm deep at base, 68cm deep at roof apex. Landing shelf (balcony) extends 25.5cm from entry hole and is 46cm wide. The Entrance Hole is 13cm wide x 15cm high. Depth of box from floor to entrance hole is 37cm. Floor area internally is 0.34 sq.m.

The timber we use is pressure treated Swedish Redwood with a 15-year Anti-Rot warranty from an FSC Certified Supplier. The floor is FSC Exterior Plywood. All nails are stainless steel and screws are double plated (to prevent rust). Includes metal mounting plates.

The Barn Owl Box will be delivered ready assembled via courier. Delivery charge from, for example, £10.44 for mainland England postcodes.

Installing your Barn Owl Box: Before erecting a Barn Owl Box please do make a risk assessment for the height it will need to be installed at e.g. 3m high in a tree. The box is quite heavy so doing this single handed (whilst on a ladder) should be considered carefully. We suggest this is a two-person task.

When installing in a tree make sure it is a mature tree in an isolated position like a hedgerow, field or woodland edge. It should have few or no low branches so that the nest box entrance hole can be seen by a passing owl from a distance i.e. do not choose a tree in woodland.

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