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Large Metal Hen Indoor Ornaments

Ref: ADO-100003-5

Price: 12.49 (Including VAT at 20%)


Select Style

The Large Metal Hen Ornament will add charm to any windowsill. Choose the tall Proud Hen, or the comfortable Sitting hen. Single ornament supplied.


It has a reclaimed metal construction which gives it a rustic feel, ideal for country themed homes or farmhouses. Finished with a grey powder coated paint to give that shabby chic appeal.

The ornament is hollow so is quite light and, of course, unbreakable (but not undentable).. Due to the handmade nature of the ornament there will be natural variations and intentional flaws to achieve an aged look.

Fair Trade sourced. For indoor use only.

Designer: Adobe
Designer: Avocado Stone
Large Size: H30cm x W28cm x D10.5cm
Material: Metal with paint finish

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Wooden Tawny Owl Ornament

Ref: ARC-D223

Price: 29.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


A Wooden Tawny Owl Ornament from Archipelago.

In his mottled shades of brown, this Tawny Owl perches elegantly atop a log ready to impart wisdom upon any who come to visit.

Fair Trade, Hand carved, from renewable softwoods, this wonderful statue would make an ideal gift for natures lovers or wild bird enthusiasts alike.

Measuring 31cm (12 ins) high.

Greater Spotted Woodepecker Ornament

Ref: ARC-D187

Price: 28.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Greater Spotted Woodpecker Carved Wood Ornament from Archipelago.

Perfectly catching the woodpecker, with his dinner jacket dress and the flash of a red cummerbund, this hand carved statue, Fair Traded from Mali, brings the vivacity and character of this noisy visitor to our gardens well and truly to life.

Made from soft wood and measuring 25cm (10ins) high, this Greater Spotted Woodpecker ornament, perched on the edge of a log, makes an ideal gift for the home of wild bird enthusiasts. Material: Softwood

Small Stone Owl Statue

Ref: ARC-G514

Price: 8.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Small Owl Stone-Effect Ornament from Archipelago.


Its large wide eyes and a piercing stare, this 'stone look' statue captures the thoughtful look of owls.

With its stone colour and subtle shape this ornament will look great on book shelves, mantelpieces and even in the garden and is the perfect gift for the nature lover you know.

Measuring 18cm (7 ins) high, this Ornament is perfect for both inside and outdoors (not frost proof) and will make a lovely gift for the house proud and bird lover alike. Material: Stone effect Resin.

Quail Family Wooden Ornament

Ref: ARC-D369

Price: 39.95 (Including VAT at 20%)


Quail Family Wood Carving on a driftwood base by Archipelago. Quail are incredibly shy birds and the carving captures their skittish attitude and delicate nature beautifully.

The Quail family of 3 birds is Fair trade, hand carved in Bali, from sustainable soft wood, it stands approx. 7 inches high on a small piece of natural driftwood.

Quail Birds are most commonly bred as a captive bird today for the production of their tiny, but desirable, eggs. However, they do still roam in the wild and it is Britain's smallest game bird. Its main natural habitats are Dorset and Wiltshire, although in good years they can be found in the Welsh Marches and East Anglia. They are very difficult to see, due to their shy nature and good camouflage, so are more likely to be heard by their distinctive call, usually from long grass or cereal fields.

Material: Sustainable Softwood
Size: 18cm tall x 18cm dia
Fair Trade Hand Carved

Carved Wooden Eider Duck Ornament

Ref: ARC-D373

Price: 29.95 (Including VAT at 20%)


Hand Carved Wooden Male Eider Duck Ornament by Archipelago.

This Eider Duck is UK designed, beautifully detailed and carved from sustainable timber by Fair Trade carvers, and hand-painted, every one is a unique piece. The Male Eider Duck Ornament measures approx. 11 inches long.

Archipelago are renowned for their British design and their beautiful wildlife and wood carvings, which make lovely gifts. Their design team work closely with fair trade carvers to manage the creative process and produce a stunning collection of wooden wildlife ornaments.

The Eider Duck inhabits the coastal areas of Britain & Ireland and is the UK's heaviest duck, and its fastest flying. It depends on coastal molluscs for food as they stay close inshore, riding the swell in a sandy bay. Eiders are best looked for from the Northumberland coast northwards and off the west coast of Scotland.

Material: Sustainable Softwood
Size: 27cm long x 15cm high
Fair Trade Hand Carved

Balancing Cockerel Garden Ornament

Ref: ADO-100142


Price: 29.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

This Balancing Cockerel is a lovely decoration for the garden. A truly quirky ornament which is sure to be a conversation piece at any get-together.

Made from durable steel, this garden ornament can be left outside all year round. It has at its centre a stainless steel ball and the metal sculpture of the cockerels head, tail and wings are added to create the bird. His intense gaze is taken with a dragonfly hovering nearby.

Designed to rotate in the breeze, the Balancing Cockerel Ornament is weatherproof and a lovely way to liven up your garden with something a little different, providing some much needed cheeriness in winter and an interesting focal point during summer barbeques.

Due to the handmade nature of the ornament there will be natural variations and intentional flaws to achieve an aged look. Fair Trade sourced.

Brand: Adobe
Designer: Avocado Stone
Size: 70cm (2ft 3in) wide x 8.5cm (3in) deep x 138cm (4ft 6in) high
Material: Metal with rustic paint finish

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Sophia Laurhen Chicken Garden Ornament

Ref: ADO-100189


Price: 29.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Sophia Laurhen Metal Chicken Garden Ornament. Bursting with colour and personality, this quirky hen ornament will bring life to any flowerbed or patio.

Sophia Laurhen is handmade of steel with a rustic aged effect, then hand-painted with colourful stylized flowers on a pale blue and white body. A freestanding metal ornament for outdoor use, she stands just 16 inches high.

Brand: Adobe Quirky Birds
Manufacturer: Avocado Stone
Material: Mild Steel
Colour: Multi colour flowers
Size: 28cm long x 13cm wide x 41cm high

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