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Net-Tex Total Hygiene Powder, 300g

Ref: NTX4409

Price: 7.99 (Including VAT at 20%)



Net-TexTotal Hygiene Powder is a natural, non toxic diatomaceous earth powder that can be applied directly onto all types of birds and poultry and throughout the chicken coop.

300g powder in a shaker. No need to re-apply daily, this product lasts up to six weeks or add more after each cleaning session.

Total Hygiene Powder is a natural drying agent produced from silica shelled diatoms that absorb water and moisture. This helps to promote dryness, therefore making the henhouse less hospitable to mites, and it neutralises odour helping to provide a healthy environment.

Suitable for all types of pets, birds, horses and farm livestock. Total Hygiene Powder is safe to use, environmentally friendly and can be used for dust baths, nest boxes, livestock housing and in littler/bedding areas.

Can be effective against red mite, northern fowl mite, poultry lice, cyst and spider mites as well as other insects such as cockroaches, ants, silverfish, termites, fleas, lice and ticks.

Application: 30g per square metre, 120g will cover 4 sq m. For direct application on the poultry, work on 3g per bird. No egg withdrawal necessary as this is external application of a natural powder. Avoid inhaling dust and avoid eye contact. Ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth.

Net-TexTotal Mite Powder is also suitable for use in organic farming systems.

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