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Natures Grub Mega Pecker Blocks


Price: 7.79



Natures Grub Mega Pecker (1.1kg-1.2kg) Pecking Blocks as a tasty treat for your chickens. Hanging a tasty pecking block up for your chickens can help reduce boredom and feather pecking in the flock.

Each block can be hung as a single block, or stacked in multiples using the White Cord Hanger available separately - link below.

Available in three flavour varieties, Fruit & Berries with hedgerow fruits, Garlic & Herb containing healthy Garlic and Oregano with beneficial seaweed extract, or Original packed with mixed corn and grit.

Original Corn Mega Pecker Block: Composition: Mixed Corn, Grit, Binder

Mega Pecker Block Fruit & Berry: Composition: Mixed Corn, Grit, Raisins, Cranberries, Binder, Berry colour

Mega Pecker Block Garlic, Herb & Seaweed: Composition: Mixed Corn, Grit, Garlic, Oregano, Seaweed, Mint, Binder

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