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Multi-Purpose Electric Fence Kits

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Multi-Purpose Electric Fence Kit - Green



Price: 126.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Multi-Purpose Electric Fence Kit from Flyte so Fancy - Green Posts and Tape

A basic, post and tape, battery powered electric fence kit suitable for many uses from strip grazing to training pets and keeping nuisance animals out of the garden, or stopping next doors Llamas nibbling the Roses!

If you are new to electric fencing please read our section on How Electric Fencing Works.

This Green Post and tape kit includes either short, dark green 75cm Tread-in posts (max fence height with these posts is 60cm/24in), which are ideal in a garden situation and for smaller animals, or dark green posts at 108cm (36in finished fence height) - for the same price - and uses 200m green electro-tape which is 20mm wide.

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This kit can do a 200m single line fence, a 100m two-line fence, or a 50m long four-line fence. Powered by the simple-to-use Shrike 3v Energiser which works off 2 D Cell batteries and can hang on the earth stake. It could power up to 800m of single line fence. Don't forget though that with lower power 3v energisers it is easy to create a drain on the system by repeated contact with the fence and it will also be less efficient in extremely wet weather.

Options to add to this basic kit are:- More Green Green Posts, Green Electro-Tape or an Economy Reel to stop the tape getting tangled when moving it. Or, include a Pocket Fence Tester which will let you know if the fence is working correctly.

Kit includes:
Hotline 3v Shrike Battery Energiser
2 x D Cell Batteries
10 x Green Horizont Tread-in Plastic Posts (short 75cm or tall 108cm)
200m Green 20mm wide Electro-Tape
Half metre Earth Stake
2 Connecting Buckles
Installations Instructions

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