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Junior Protection Pen PLUS - 6ft x 9ft

Ref: JPPP-P69

Price: 534.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Junior Poultry Protection Pen PLUS 5ft 4ins wide x 9ft 3ins long - with a windbreak cladding around the base of the Pen.

We have added timber cladding to this Poultry Pen which will offer protection for the birds when in exposed positions or just to provide them with a sheltered area. With this added cover the Pen can used for rabbits, guinea pigs, ornamental birds, cats, small dogs, meerkats, quail, bantams, pheasants - not to mention ducks and chickens!

Plenty of room inside to place a small house, and, we also offer an add-on 'Mating Panel' option (connecting tunnel) so that you can join your chicken house to the outside of the Pen. Mating Panels to suit all of our henhouses are available (below) so that the house can be placed outside the Pen and join neatly at one end.

Actual Dimensions (external):- 163cm wide (5ft 4in) x 283cm long (9ft 3in) x 194cm (6ft 5in). Door width 71cm, height 139cm. The door opens outwards and has a sturdy galvanised brenton bolt so that it can be padlocked if required. Height of cladding 42cm.

Currently 6 week delivery. This Pen would be delivered flatpacked in panels for self assembly, carefully wrapped and strapped on a pallet. Delivery charges for this pallet delivery start at £39.95 for mainland England. Expected delivery date will be detailed in separate order confirmation email.

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