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House Martin Nest Bowl

Ref: NKH2

Price: 8.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


House Martin Nest Bowl. Purpose-made nest box for House Martins. Moulded clay effect nest on a fibreboard backing. Backing timber measures: 24cm x 14.5cm, dia of nest internally 16cm.

These House Martin Nesting Bowls have been designed to encourage House Martins to nest and breed in peace. Their nests are normally sited, usually in colonies, under the eaves of barns and houses and are made from gathered mud, so having a nice muddy hole nearby encourages them to build.

When the Martins return to the UK in April, they do not immediately start building nests and breeding. However, they can still manage at least two broods a year and sometimes three. A new nest may take them up to 10 days to build, although birds will sometimes repair and re-use old nests from previous years. The presence of damp mud is an important factor in their choice of breeding sites, and ideally within 150 metres of the nest site. Two of the most important factors for them choosing a site is a plentiful supply of flying insects and muddy areas so they can build nests.

However, providing an artificial nest bowl is a great alternative and House Martins will readily use artificial nests which encourages other birds to nest nearby. These House Martin Nest Bowls have been designed to appeal to House Martins and are constructed from exterior grade plywood and WoodStone, a mixture of FSC wood fibres and concrete. These nests should be sited underneath the eaves on exterior walls of your house or outbuildings, at least 2m above the ground (we recommend asking a tradesman to install at heights over 3m).

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