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Hobby Hen House

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Hobby Hen House

Ref: HHH

Price: 345.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Heart Window?

The Hobby Hen House, with its leaning towards traditional Ark-style design, is a popular small chicken house particularly if you are starting out with poultry keeping.


It will take up to 6 medium-sized laying hens, it has removable perches and a removable internal nest tray. For larger birds like Orpingtons we would suggest allowing a maximum of 4 hens (shown here with a trio of Pekin Bantams), not sutiable though for large cockerels.

The Hobby Hen House is raised on small legs and has two handles on either end. The pop hole door doubles as the ramp, the back door lifts out to allow easy access for cleaning and egg collecting.

The Hobby Henhouse arrives ready assembled (it cannot be flatpacked). If you could like to add an enclosed run to the house see the Hobby Hen House with 9ft Run together and save £19.

Option to add the VSD automatic pop-hole door opener - add the VSD Kit below and we will fit this for you.

Max. external dimensions:- 104cm wide x 140cm deep x 121cm high; Internal house:- 96cm W x 80cm D x 94cm H max. Pop-hole size: 25cm wide x 30cm high.

Currently approx 5 week delivery. Arrives ready assembled, just screw the handles back on. The Hobby Henhouse is delivered on a pallet via Palletline Transport Company, please see the Delivery page for more information.

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VSD Door Kit for Hobby Hen Houses


Price: 155.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


BTVSB-D - Digital Battery Timer for VSB & VSD Door Openers Add a battery timer to this kit? + 46.00

We have put together a complete Automatic Door Opener kit to suit the FSF Hobby Henhouse, so you can buy in one click and be sure that you have received all you need.

Fitted internally, and operating by external light sensor cable, this VSD kit gives you the convenience of a fully automated door opener, without having to compromise on the attractiveness of your Hobby Henhouse.

If ordering at the same time as the hen house we will fit it free of charge, if retro fitting you will only need to add the small piece of plywood for mounting inside the house.

Full details of how the VSD units work can be found on this page: VSD Door Openers.
If you want to give yourself more control over the opening or closing of the door, the VSD comes with a manual override system, which can be incorporated with an additional cable. Or if you find yourself dealing with a particularly rebellious hen who refuses to go in before dark, the Digital Battery Timer is the perfect way to fine tune your opening and closing times.

Kit contains:
VSD Door Opener
External Light Sensor Cable
VSD Lightweight Aluminium Door - medium
Plywood for mounting VSD box
FSF Instruction booklet

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Painting Service for Hobby Henhouse


Price: 160.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Body Colour
Roof & Accents Colour

Painting service for the Hobby Hen House.

As you would imagine, we've selected only the very best long-lasting, microporous Hen-friendly paint for the task of painting your Hen House (please note this does not include the painting of any wired runs that you may choose to go with your henhouse).

From a bold statement of style to the subtlest of traditional earthy tones, we hope you will agree that these classic colour combinations are irresistible.

NOTE: Select your colours above where the 'body' will be the front and back vertical faces and the 'roof and accents' will include the whole sloping roof (of course), the handles and short vertical side, the legs, the ramp and pop hole door surround.

The paint we use is Dulux Aquatech Paints Range which are micro-porous paints designed to last for many years of outdoor life. They give a highly flexible opaque finish which provides excellent resistance to peeling, flaking and blistering. They are quick drying and protect exterior wood for up to 6 years. We do also provide small pots of touch up paint with any hen house we paint.

We have tried to ensure the shades shown here are a true representation of the colour but often the colour you see will depend on the screen setting of your computer or iPad. if the colour required is crucial to your scheme please do just call us for paint sample to be sent, 01300 345229.

Please make your selection from the drop down boxes above, add to the shopping basket with the henhouse but please note, the painting service will add approx 2 weeks to the henhouse delivery time. Of course do mention when ordering if you have a required-by date in mind.

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Hobby Hen House with a 9ft Run

Ref: HH9R

Price: 565.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Heart Window?

Hobby Hen House with a 9ft long wired run - save £20 when buying house and run together.

Dimesions of whole unit externally including handles, overhangs etc: 3ft 5in wide x 12ft 7in long x 4ft high (104cm wide x 384cm long x 121cm high).

The small Hobby Henhouse with a 9ft long wired run is the perfect choice as a starter home for up to six medium-size laying birds e.g. hybrids. The Run sits snugly under the eaves and can be moved independently. For more details about the henhouse, link here to the Hobby Hen House.

Currently approx 6 week delivery. This house and run set is delivered with the house ready assembled, and the run is flatpacked with comprehensive instuctions provided. Delivery will be on a pallet via Palletline Transport Company. Please see the Delivery Information page for details of how the deliveries are made.

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Spare Internal Nest Box - Hobby


Price: 30.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


A Wooden Nest Box, an egg laying tray, with privacy wall to fit the Hobby Henhouse. Sutiable to sit two medium laying birds at once. To use as a spare or extra nesting box.

Please note, the Hobby Henhouse comes with one nest box tray as standard.

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