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HempBed-E® Poultry Bedding 15kg

Ref: HBE15

Price: 14.39 (Including VAT at 20%)


HempBed-E Poultry Bedding is chopped hemp bedding for poultry with added eucalyptus - available only from Flyte so Fancy.

HempBed-E Poultry Bedding in 15kg bale*. Chopped hemp is a natural, dust-free, quick to compost, sustainable, eco-friendly product. It has odour eating properties, is highly absorbent and, with HempBed-E, has an added boost - Eucalyptus has been added to the mix and offer a natural way of freshening up your hen house. Eucalyptus is well known as a mild decongestant, which can also kill air-borne germs in winter, is anti-bacterial, and much of our research points to its anti-mite properties as well.

HempBed-E Bedding absorbs up to 12 times more liquid than straw and 4 times more than shavings. It is used widely as bedding for horses because of its great absorbency and natural fly repellent qualities.

HempBed-E Bedding makes cleaning so much easier, less frequently needed so goes further, and leaves the chicken coop smelling fresh.

HempBed-E cannot be used for Guinea Pigs or other Cavies as Eucalyptus is toxic to them.

Delivery for one 15kg bale of HempBed-E will be £7.32 to most UK destinations and carriage charge is pro-rata cheaper with quantity e.g. for 2 bales it would be £10.44.

* approx weight when bagged

Please Note: Hemp is a naturally grown fibrous plant so there will be variations of texture and colour with the seasons depending on when it was harvested. This is perfectly natural and does not make it any more or less effective.

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Online Shop |  Poultry Supplies |  Poultry Bedding |  HempBed-E® Poultry Bedding 15kg