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Handy 4 Hen House

Ref: HANDY-4

Price: 289.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Heart Window?

This Small Handy Hen House is a compact hen house for 4 hens - a 'Portable Pocket Henhouse' if you will!


With a simple Internal Nest Box Tray and a freestanding perch rack, it is spacious enough inside with headroom for a cockerel so it could comfortably take 3 average sized laying hens and a cockerel. Perfect for up to 6 Bantam Hens too.

The Handy is raised off the ground on 6inch legs with a solid 9mm plywood floor and thick shiplap timber walls - see the page on the left About our Houses for details of the materials we use.

The 'Never-Leak' Roof is made of a low-maintenance, light grey, UV stable, recycled polypropylene - no roofing felt for nasty mites to hide in; no leaky corners; lightweight to reduce weight and help portability.

The front door opens wide for access, easy for collecting eggs and easy to clean. It has our heart-shaped perspex window in the door (not compulsory, just cute - let us know using the drop-down box above if you don't want this).

Ventilation louvres on either side also act as carrying handles and they are meshed inside to prevent vermin intrusion. It is raised up on 6-inch legs to help keep it dry and to prevent vermin living underneath. The pop-hole on the right-hand side has a ramp which also folds up to close securely with a galvanised bolt.

Option below to add the VSB Door Opener Kit for a Handy Henhouse which we would fit for you if ordered at the same time as the hen house. Wired Chicken Runs are also available to attach to the Handy 4 Henhouse, 6ft and 9ft long Runs, to keep the hens secure.

Measures externally overall: 84cm wide x 95cm deep x 1m high. Internally: 70cm x 80cm x 76cm high. Pop-hole 25cm wide x 30cm high.

Currently 2 week delivery. This house is delivered ready assembled on a pallet via Palletline Transport Company. Expected delivery date will be detailed in separate confirmation email.

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