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Garvo Mixed Corn Special 4kg

Ref: G70405

Price: 6.70


Garvo Mixed Corn Special (704) - 4kg bag - - PLEASE NOTE NEW PACK SIZE - NOW 4 KG.

Feed as a treat late morning and afternoon when you know your hens have had their daily ration of layers pellets. In cold weather, it is a good idea to feed before roost at night to help them keep warm overnight.

Composition: Wheat pigeon 28%, maize cracked 28%, barley pigeon 21%, sorghum 12%, oats 5%, sunflowerseed striped small 5%, buckwheat 1%

Chickens go crazy for mixed corns. However, corn or corn mixtures do not provide a complete diet. If you feed too much corn, your chickens will get too fat and their condition can diminish as well as decline in the number of eggs.

Give them mixed corn as a treat, and no more than 15% of their total quantity of feed. This also applies to waterfowl and you get the best results if you supplement their main pelleted feed with corn.

Garvo are a Dutch Poultry Feed manufacturer making GM-free feeds for chicken keepers whether showing birds, keeping on a large scale or for small home keepers.

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