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Information To Download

We have collated a number of information sheets and product COSHH sheets here for you to download and print.

Click on the links below to see a pdf copy of our information sheets that we think you may find useful (all documents are Copyright of Flyte so Fancy Ltd and may not be republished without the express permission of Flyte so Fancy Ltd)

The Flyte so Fancy simple reference guide to poultry health has been put together and collated from calls we regularly receive on our advice line here at Flyte so Fancy.
The Flyte so Fancy Chicken Checkup Chart

Flyte so Fancy Choosing your Chickens Guide
Chicken Breeds Information

The Flyte so Fancy Guide to the four-legged dangers you should be aware of for your chickens
Guide to Poutry Predators

Instructions for installing VSB Automatic Pop-hole Door Openers for Chicken Houses
VSB Auto Door Installation Instructions

Diagram on how to erect Electric Poultry Netting
Installing Electric Netting

How to assemble Plastic Super Feeders for Poultry (Green & Whites)
Assembling your Poultry Super Feeder

How to assemble Galvanised Treadle Feeders for Poultry
Treadle Feeder Diagram

Practical Poultry Magazine Article, Feb 2008, written by The Editor, Chris Graham and published here with his kind permission:
Chris Graham considers the most important practical features to look for when buying a poultry house

COSHH Sheets:
Virkon S Disinfectant - COSHH Virkon S Disinfectant
Stalosan F Disinfectant Powder - COSHH Stalosan F Powder Disinfectant