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Earth Stakes

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Galvanised Steel Earth Stake 1m

Ref: ES2

Price: 7.77 (Including VAT at 20%)


A 1m long Metal Earth Stake to ensure a good earthing system which is vital to the efficiency of your fence. Solid Galvanised Steel.

An electric fence system will not work without earthing of some kind so you will need an earth stake with any set up. We supply this earth stake with most of our electric fencing kits.

Please note - shown here sitting above the ground but you would need to push the stake well into the ground to make sure it has good contact with damp earth.

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Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel T-Bar Earth Stake

Ref: EST1

Price: 17.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


Heavy Duty T-section Galvanised Earth Rod for Electric Fences with bolt connection. 1m long.

Without a proper earth system your energiser will not perform. Always use galvanised earth stakes.

This Heavy Duty Galvanised Earth Stake includes a bolt connection which helps to guarantee a good connection between the earth stake and Lead-out Cable from the energiser.

This T Section Earth Stake can be used to mount the Fire Drake Solar Energisers on.

This item will be despatched directly from Hotline Electric Fencing so please allow up to 3 days for delivery.

Galvanised Earthing Rod, 1.5m

Ref: GAL-008735

Price: 18.78 (Including VAT at 20%)


Large Heavy Duty Round Galvanised Earthing Rod from Gallagher UK. In stock for immediate despatch.

Plain 1.5m long Earthstake for Electric Fencing Systems. Comes with single jubilee clip fixing for attaching earth wire. Ideal for 12volt systems.

Long electric fencing systems will require a long, bigger, earthstake for efficiency, or, a series of them if the ground is sandy and dry. This should be pushed well down into the ground as much as possible.

Galvanised earth rods are always recommended in order to maintain an efficient earth (ground) connection and to make your system work correctly. All electric fence systems require an earthing rod.

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