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Diagnosis-Repair Service for VSB units

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Diagnosis & Repair Service for VSB


Price: 25.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


We offer a VSB Door Opener Diagnosis and Repair Service at Flyte so Fancy, which is especially useful for out-of-warranty units, or if you have bought the unit elsewhere and cannot get that company to offer any backup to the warranty.

What our servicing covers:
* Diagnosis of the problem
* Adjustments to settings as necessary
* Repair and cleaning as necessary
* Re-string if necessary
* Battery Holder replacement if necessary
* Reprogramming of timer unit
* This service does not cover light sensor replacement which is a further £10.99
* 24 hour turn-round from receipt of unit (excl weekends)
* Return to you by 24 hour tracked mail

Purchase this service by clicking 'add to basket' above and go through the checkout in the normal way, then return your unit to us by tracked mail or chosen service. If the unit is not repairable we will call to discuss and if a new unit is purchased from us we will deduct this Repair Service charge from the cost of a new unit. The VSB has now been replaced by the VSD unit - click here for details.

Checklist for returning units:
1. Send all items in your set up back to us i.e. VSB unit, light sensor if used, timer if used, batteries (removed) - suggest by tracked mail - to Flyte So Fancy (VSB Repair), The Cottage, Pulham, Dorchester DT2 7DX

2. Please, please clean the outside casing of any returned units as we cannot work on units that could potentially carry contamination (bird flu regulations). Clean only the outside casing, do not get cleaner or water inside. BUT - please, please, do not send us VSBs crawling or contaminated with red mite!

3. A covering letter (or copy of your order) with your name, address and phone number, date of purchase if known or approximate age of unit and a brief description of the problem. Also include the Order Number for this service item from your confirmation email.

Top Tip: Please remove batteries from the battery holder itself rather than just removing the battery holder. If the battery holder is loose and the two wire ends touch it creates a circuit and therefore potential ignition of any matter surrounding it! Thus the Post Office will/may consider it to be an explosive device or have to deal with a fire.

It should be noted that any warranty is a manufacturer's warranty so, if you haven't bought from FSF but it still carries a warranty, then you can send it back to Germany for repair-under-warranty (with proof of purchase).

The warranty for units bought after Jan 2014 is 4 years, prior to that it was 3 years. The warranty does not cover water ingress, battery leakage or circuit board contamination by oils, excessive dirt or red mite infestation. The drawstring cord and battery holder are also not covered by warranty. The External Light Sensor carries a one year warranty.


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Online Shop |  Auto Chicken House Door Openers |  Diagnosis-Repair Service for VSB units