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Assorted Pack 50 Egg Boxes

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April 2018 - Change of colour and design due

We have been advised that from April 2018 the design of the iMagic Egg Boxes will change but there will be a transition period where some boxes are one design and others will be slightly different until all old stock is exhausted.

More importantly, to regular customers, the Yellow Boxes will be a new colour. This we would describe as more of a Primrose Yellow that the current Sunflower Yellow.

Assorted Pack 50 Egg Boxes


Price: 10.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


Pack of 50 Coloured Egg Boxes in green, blue, yellow, pink and white iMagic style of box.

Not sure about the colour or the quality? or do you only need a small pack to give eggs to friends and family? Just try a pack of 50 of our Coloured Fibre 6-egg Egg Boxes, then perhaps match them with some unique Egg Box Labels for iMagic Egg Boxes. A lovely chicken keepers gift.

10 x half dozen boxes each of White, Sunflower Yellow, Spring Green, Ocean Blue and Bright Pink, packed in waterproof plastic bag and delivered by courier. External dimensions, each box: 15cm wide x 10.5cm deep x 7cm high.

Equates to 19.8p per box plus delivery. Price does not include delivery as this is calculated in the checkout, depending on location e.g. mainland England is £5.99

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Coloured iMagic Egg Boxes

Coloured iMagic Egg Boxes

It should be noted that you should not leave or store coloured egg boxes in direct sunlight as they will discolour. The process of colouring fibre egg boxes does not allow a dye fixative to be used so they will fade in direct sunlight.

These egg boxes are certified as food safe under EC Regulations. Food-safe here is qualified as food that is wrapped and not in direct contact with the container, like an egg, which is contained within an egg shell. It does not mean, for example, safe for unwrapped cakes or chocolates.

Online Shop |  Egg Boxes & Labels |  Assorted Pack 50 Egg Boxes