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Flyte so Fancy Poultry Houses

Flyte so Fancy Poultry Houses

All Flyte so Fancy Poultry & Waterfowl Houses are designed and made in our own workshop here in Dorset. Made in Dorset by people from Dorset.

Our housing is constructed from the best quality, slow-grown, Pressure-Treated, Joinery-Grade, Scandinavian Redwood which is a close-grain timber that will last for many years without further treatment. We even sand and then treat the cut ends during construction. The treatment used is eco-friendly TANALITH-E® and is perfectly safe for all animals and birds. We thoroughly dry the timber in our yard, for about six weeks, before we construct your henhouse so no shrinkage or warping will occur in later years.

We choose our timber with great care. All our wood is secured by ourselves directly from one mill in Sweden - from chainsaw to chicken house. We only use slow-grown timber from well managed and sustainable resources and our supplier is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council of Great Britain (FSC). Chain of Supply Certification is available upon request.

We design our housing with great thought, after over 30 years' experience in poultry keeping ourselves, so that they are easy to clean and look after. All units are constructed on 50mm x 50mm, 50 x 38 and 38 x 38mm framing using ex-19mm (16mm) tongue and groove boarding and/or shiplap using stainless steel nails and double plated screws. Timber roofs are made with one inch (21mm thick, known as ex 25mm) tongue and groove shiplap to make sure they really stay watertight and well insulated.

All screws are double plated, and the houses are finished to a very high standard. We build good ventilation into our units to keep humidity levels pleasant and disease free for the birds. Solid floors, constructed on to 75mm x 50mm framing, are made with exterior hardwood plywood (9mm-12mm) and raised off the ground on legs to keep troublesome vermin at bay.

All bolts, hinges, chains, turn buttons and weldmesh that we use are galvanised. We always use European heavy 18 gauge weldmesh (galvanised after manufacture because this is the best!), on our runs because foxes can, and do, chew through normal chicken wire. Mr Fox will not break into a Flyte so Fancy henhouse and run.

With all our Hen Houses, Duck Houses, Shelters, Activity Units, Runs or Pens you will receive detailed colour photo assembly instructions and all the screws or fixings you need (if assembling after delivery that is, some houses can arrived ready assembled). All you require is a cordless, fully-charged, screwdriver and perhaps an extra pair of willing hands.

Please Note: On our Pens and Runs we use galvanised weldmesh with a green plastic coating to further enhance longevity.

Made in Dorset

Made in Dorset

All Flyte so Fancy houses are completely fox-proof (and badger-proof) (providing you remember to shut the pop-hole of course!)

We recommend that once or twice a year you apply a coat of Stable Coat Wood Preserver to the the timber roof boards of the house to keep it watertight. By then the timber will have been through a season of movement with temperature changes and will have settled in place. There will always be some small movements, as it is timber after all, but with care your Flyte so Fancy house will not need any other treatment for at least 10-15 years, the house itself is built to last much longer of course.

The heart-shaped window shown on most of our houses is standard and very popular but not compulsory, just let us know by email or when ordering if this is not required. To clarify, the window is not a 'hole' but is covered with a piece of clear, solid polycarbonate and we understand perfectly that it may not suit everyone. You can now select to have a chicken-shaped window, just add to your shopping basket with the hen house.

If considering the purchase of a Henhouse with a ladder for ex-battery hens, then please ask us to put plywood on the back of any ladder to help them use the ladder in their weakened, early recovery stages.

If you have any queries about our housing just call 01300 345229 or Email:

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Phillip & Anne Weymouth

Two Year Warranty

Two Year Warranty

Wood is of course the living, breathing, rigid bit of the tree, and it therefore has a tendency to move with changes in temperature and humidity. Whilst the timber is in our care we endeavour to make it do what we want it to do, however, we cannot guarantee that once on its own, the wood will not do what it wants to do.

Despite our personal stringent adherence to quality of timber, there may be some movement or cracks appear with the passing of time. This is a natural process with timber.

We recommend that your house roof is treated once or twice a year with Stable Coat Timber Treatment, Thompsons Waterseal or Burgess Marine Clearsealer to give protection and water resistance. The timber roof of your hen house will have had a coat of Thompsons Waterseal before leaving our workshop.

That being said, and if you feel the wood is misbehaving too much, we offer a

If any part of the unit fails, we can replace the necessary parts, the whole product or refund your money. There is a responsibility on you to take good care of the timber as advised to do, so, this Warranty does not include natural wear and tear, hairline cracks, mal-treatment, costs of removal or reinstatement of components or consequential loss due to failure of the component, and it requires that you take appropriate care of the timber.

The pressure treated redwood that we use carries a 15-year warranty against fungal decay and attack by wood-boring insects to the point of failure of the component.

We believe we have a duty of care to you, our customers, for buying a high quality chicken coop, which is why, without omission or exclusion, we stand by our chicken coops. If you are concerned about any aspect of its quality please do call us to discuss your queries.