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25m Hotline Green Electric Poultry Netting

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25m Hotline Green Electric Poultry Netting

Ref: MH2L/G

Price: 93.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


A 25m roll of Standard Green Electric Poultry Netting from Hotline Electric Fencing.

Electric Netting is simply the best way we have found for protecting your poultry from the desires of the fox, badger, mink etc. We must stress, this netting is for keeping the fox and other predators out, not just for keeping the chickens in although it can do that too.

The Standard Electric Poultry Netting is a 12-strand net, 110cm high (approx 3' 8"), flexible polywire net. The mesh has 7.6cm wide x 6.3cm high squares at the base going up to 7.6cm x 11.4cm at the top. A 25m long roll of netting, when used to make a complete enclosure, will cover an area of approx. 39 sq m (20' x 20'). Standard Poultry Netting is also available in 16m and 50m lengths.

A 25m length is approx. 82ft in 'old money'. PLEASE do double check the length of netting you require as once the roll of netting is opened we cannot accept it back for exchange i.e. it cannot be refunded unless it is returned unopened and in a saleable condition.

The 25m roll comes with 9 black flexi-posts with metal spikes (15cm long) which you push into the ground. Each electric netting roll comes with guy twines and pegs, anchoring pegs for the bottom strand and a net repair kit. For complete Kits, to include everything you need for an effective fence, take a look at our Electric Fencing Kits for Poultry Section.

We suggest using a 9v or 12v battery energiser with 25m poultry netting to make sure enough power goes through the strands and can overcome some shorting out. A Battery energiser should have at least 0.2 or more stored joules and for a mains energiser we would also suggest at least 0.2 joules.

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Green Poultry Netting

Green Poultry Netting

When installing the net, carefully unroll the net roughly in position. Then push the posts into the ground around your henhouse until the two end posts meet.

It should be kept as taut as possible and free of vegetation, then use the guy ropes on the posts to tension the top strand and the anchoring pegs on the bottom non-live strand to close any gaps over uneven ground.

You may find it difficult to stop the fence 'sagging' on sloping ground so extra black flexi-posts may be needed here, or CP112 more rigid Corner Posts.

A fox won't take a 'running jump' at the fence, they will come and investigate it first and walk around it to find weak points. Once they touch it with their nose it will 'bite' them. The bottom strand (black) is not electrified but the next strand up at approx 6cm is live and this also prevents the fox from digging under the netting.

For more information please see our Electric Poultry Netting Advice page

Note: the netting does not need to 'meet' to make a circuit; it could be in a 'U' shape or one long line and would still work. The 'electric circuit is completed when the fox touches the wire whilst his feet are on the ground.

* The 25 metre length of netting is approx. 82 ft, creates a Pen of approx 21ft x 21ft - 440 sq ft - or 39 sq metres.
* The 50 metre length of netting, is approx. 164 ft, giving approx 41ft x 41ft - 1680 sq ft - or 156 sq metres.

Poultry Netting Installed

Poultry Netting Installed

Shown in white for visibility - Electric Poultry Netting installed and tensioned.

We don't all have perfectly flat, lawn-like, areas as shown here of course but, the image is to show how it can be erected and tensioned at the corners to give the height along the whole line of netting.

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