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16m Dual Power Poultry Netting Kit

Ref: 16DPK


Price: 185.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

The Hotline Electric Poultry Nets are designed to KEEP FOXES OUT!

This 16m Net includes 6 posts built into the net 2 - 3m apart, although these can be repositioned as required, we also include 3 extra Flexiposts to add to the net if necessary. Rigid Corner Posts are an optional extra, these are especially useful over uneven or sloping ground.

The 16m Netting Kit is powered by the Gemini 40 which, as a dual power energiser, can be powered either by a 12v Leisure battery, or by mains power. For this we include a 10m roll of HT Double Insulated Cable and Crocodile Clips to connect the energiser to the netting and earth spike. The Energiser pack includes a metal mounting stake, cables to connect to the battery and mains cables if you are able to have power close to the fence (within 1m) but if further away you would need this longer lead out cable.

16m Complete Poultry Netting Kit includes:
16m Poultry Netting with 6 standard flexiposts; Dual Powered Gemini HLC 40 energiser; 10m HT Lead Out Cable and 4 Crocodile Clips; KV10 LED Fence Tester; 3 Extra Black Flexiposts; 1m Earth Spike; Ground pegs, guy pegs and warning sign; Installation Instructions.

A 16m Net would create a comfortable outdoor living space for up to 6 chickens. The 16 metre length of netting, is approx. 52 ft long, so it will give you a Pen of approx 13ft x 13ft - 169 sq ft - or 16 sq metres.

PLEASE do double check the length of netting you require before purchase, or before unrolling, as once the roll of netting is opened and unrolled we cannot accept it back for exchange i.e. it cannot be refunded unless it is returned unopened and in a saleable condition.

* The 16 metre length of netting, is approx. 52 ft long. It will create a Pen of approx 13ft x 13ft - 169 sq ft - or 16 sq metres.
* The 25 metre length of netting is approx. 82 ft, creates a Pen of approx 21ft x 21ft - 440 sq ft - or 39 sq metres.
* The 50 metre length of netting, is approx. 164 ft, giving approx 41ft x 41ft - 1680 sq ft - or 156 sq metres.