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BEC Wise Chicken Feeder For Cages, 5kg


BEC Wise Chicken Feeder For Cage Mounting.

The BEC Wise Chicken Feeder, with a 5kg capacity for pellets or corn. It is a unique design by BEC Osprey for poultry and game keepers who are looking to prevent feed wastage.



The 5kg Cage Mounted version here is supplied with plastic mounting arms (not a bracket) to mount outside a mesh run so the feed trough sits inside the run but the hopper is outside the run (i.e. a hole would need to be cut in the wire mesh).

However, if you wish to mount this 5kg version on a solid surface just add a wall bracket. The Wise feeder is a modular feeder with and option for extension cartridges to increase capacity up to 20kg - we advise wall mounting with two or more brackets if extending.

When the feeder is mounted through the mesh of your run it gives you easy access to the lid of the feeder without disturbing caged birds, that is ideal for certain types of game birds and poultry. It has a rain shield to protect the feed and is easy to maintain and clean.

It will take all types of free-flowing feed and prevents 'scratching out' by birds. The Wise Feeder also helps to prevent vermin accessing your expensive feed by placing the feed trough high enough that they can't reach (please note, squirrels are not counted as vermin).

Some of the images show the feeder mounted on the outside of the mesh chicken run which would require a hole being cut into the mesh. However, it can be mounted on a vertical surface inside the wire mesh therefore keeping your run intact, but, it may require a wooden mount for a bracket or, the use of cable ties to secure it to the mesh.

Dimensions: 5kg feeder are 30cm wide x 14cm deep x 25cm high.

FSF Tip: As with any gravity feeder, it does not work well with Layers Mash, it is best with a free-flowing pelleted feed.


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