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BEC Combo Chicken Drinker


BEC Combo Chicken Drinkers. Available in 3 litre, 6 litre and 12 litre sizes.

The Combo Chicken Drinkers are a heavy-duty, British Made, Plastic Poultry Drinker by BEC Osprey.

Suitable for all kinds of poultry of all ages - Chicks (add pebbles to the saucer to prevent drowning), Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks and largest drinker for Geese.



The Combo Drinker, with red saucer and white opaque container, is a dome-type drinker that can hang through the handle or is suitable for ground standing (depending on size).

Although the 3 litre and 6 litre size can be hung up in the run we would advise that the larger 12 litre drinkers are a little too heavy when full to capacity of water e.g. a 12 litre drinker when full will weigh approx. 12 kg, it is quite heavy.

The 3 litre Combo version does not have legs, but the 6 litre and 12 litre Combo Drinkers come with four white cone legs - replacement legs are available. The 8cm legs, which simply push-fit into the base, will help prevent the hens fouling the water by keeping it off the ground.

It has a plastic handle fitted, meant for carrying the drinker, but which can be used to hang the drinker up if necessary (do note that this may not work for all birds as some are prone to knocking a hanging drinker - trial and error may be needed).

Simply fill the upside-down water container like a bucket, lock the base back on by twisting it into the container and turn upright. Once the container is filled and turned upright, the water will find its level in the saucer - the vacuum principle - once the water covers the outlet hole the flow will stop because a vacuum is created in the container. The water will remain at a constant level until the hens drink some water, it is then replaced from the container.

Please note - these have a very tight-fitting base when new so do require a little force to lock into the base.


3 litre
25cm dia. saucer x 24cm high
6 litre
36cm dia. x 33cm high (incl. feet)
12 litre
36cm dia. x 47cm high (incl. feet)
3 hens drink approx. 1 litre water per day. Conversions: 3 litres is just over 5 pints; 6 litres is 10½ pints and 12 litres is 21 pints (or 2½ gallons)


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