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Anti-Fox No-Dig Skirt for Runs – Small


The No-Dig Skirt is made up of 4 x 250mm (10in) wide strips of 50mm x 50mm strong 16g weldmesh ready to lay on the ground under the edges of your run and they are held in place with 25cm galvanised pegs.

Small No-Dig Skirt for your Chicken Run is for perimeter measurement between 12ft to 30ft (3.6m and 9.2m).

IF ORDERING FOR A NON-FLYTE SO FANCY UNIT, PLEASE STATE SIZE OF YOUR RUN IN THE BOX BELOW - LENGTH x WIDTH - in centimetres, please.  Just give us the dimensions of your run, length x width, and we will cut 4 strips to suit that size.


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There are occasions when you may be away for the weekend, or on holiday and friends are in charge. This is an inexpensive way to give you the reassurance that the hens will be safe. The fox will instinctively want to dig right next to the base of the run and will not normally attempt to dig from several inches away.

The Small No-Dig Skirt is suitable for Flyte so Fancy Coops and Runs including: 6ft & 9ft Runs for Handy 4 & 10 Houses; Hobby Henhouses & Runs; Maggie's Six Houses & Runs; The Salisbury Coop, and the Flyte Aviary 4 and 6 Coops.

Small No-Dig Skirt is for run perimeter measurement between 12ft to 30ft (3.6m and 9.2m).

The Medium size No-Dig Skirt is suitable for Runs with a perimeter of 31ft to 48ft (9.3m to 14.6m).

The Large size No-Dig Skirt is suitable for Runs with a total perimeter measurement between 49ft to 66ft (14.7m to 20m).

(Note: for our shorter-legged houses and those with wheels, the skirt will be for the two long sides of the run and one short end. It isn't usually necessary to have a skirt underneath the house).

Simply place the 10 inch wide strips of weldmesh on the ground around the outside of your run and peg in place (10 metal pegs included). More galvanised pegs are available if needed, link in related products below.


Please allow up to 7 days for delivery via courier.
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