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The Design of your Dorset Garden Log Store

Made in Dorset by Flyte so Fancy.

All our timber products are made of Swedish Redwood that has been treated against fungal and insect attack by the Tanalith-E® process (pressure treatment), a modern, environmentally friendly treatment to prolong the life of your new purchase.

We offer a 15 year Timber Warranty with all Dorset Log Stores against fungal attack and rot. This modern treatment means that, because there are no harmful chemicals involved, this timber can be disposed of through landfill or as per the guidance of your local authority. For details of the Flyte so Fancy Warranty, visit Fair Care Warranty page.

Although the timber is pressure treated and ready for life outdoors you still need to care for the timber to ensure long life e.g. removing moss, lichen or algae growth, and we recommend that a waterproofing treatment like Protek Timber Eco-Shield is applied to the timber annually.

All our timber is Swedish Redwood, a slow-grown timber from the very north of Sweden. We source this timber ourselves from one family mill so we can ensure and maintain quality and standards. Our supplier carries certification from the Forest Stewardship Council of Great Britain (FSC).

The sides and base of your Garden or Log Store are made of planed, ex-25mm (21mm thick), timber on a sturdy framework. The base is made of ex-25mm framed timber mounted on strong bearers, to support the considerable weight of the logs.

There is a 19mm gap between each board to ensure adequate airflow to remove the moisture from your logs in the shortest possible period.

For all our Timber Stores we use good quality Decking Screws and Stainless Steel Fixings during construction and assembly. The Decking Screws are double plated and then painted. This protects the metal from galvanic corrosion with the copper salts in the pressure treatment. We don't use normal unpainted screws that are only plated because they will start corroding straight away. This would also occur in Cedar and Oak timber.

Roof Options for your Dorset Log Store

We have made sure the roof of your log store is designed to shed the rain and shelter your logs.

We offer different roof finishes to suit your home and the aesthetically pleasing look you want to achieve.

Many of the Log Stores we offer can have this option and you can select this when adding your Log Store to the basket.

Here you can see close-ups of the roof types and you will find more images with each Log Store design to show the finished effect.

The T&G Shiplap Timber Roofs are made of ex-25mm (21mm) slow-grown Swedish Redwood tongue and groove shiplap. This is machined in Sweden especially for us to our own profile specification and then pressure treated for longevity.

Our Slate-effect Tiled Roofs are made from a BBA certified polyester resin composite, approved for use on residential houses. These are screwed to a 12mm marine plywood base. We think these are so effective and you really would not know they were not Welsh Slate until you touch them.

Our Cedar Shingle Roofs are Canadian Western Red Cedar, and again, BBA certified for use on houses and fully treated against insect and fungal attack. These are also secured to a 12mm marine plywood base. They will give a nice rustic effect to your log store.

The fixings for our roof boards are made of stainless steel to protect against corrosion. Galvanised nails and screws will corrode in Tanalised timber and the brown streaks you see on ordinary sheds and fences are evidence of this corrosion.

For the Stronghold Range of Stores, we use Hand-Curved Steel Roofs that are produced specifically for our designs. The steel is galvanised and then polyester coated in dark grey-green to last for many years. We add a plastic trim to the edge of the roof to give a nice finish.

For Never-Leak Tool Stores and Patio Stores, we have found a very tough recycled polypropylene option. 100% Recycled and 100% Recyclable. This is a very strong, yet lightweight, solid 9mm sheet in a silver-grey colour.

Where should I site my Store?

Your Garden Log Store should be placed in an area with good airflow to ensure the efficient drying of your firewood. It should ideally be stood on a firm, well-drained surface; coarse gravel is an excellent surface for this. Failing this, a concrete base that is well-drained or paving slabs will also be fine.

Avoid placing the wood store on grass or soil surfaces if you can, however, if this is unavoidable you can put pieces of slate or concrete slabs, for example, between the bearers and the grass it will be very beneficial to ensuring the longevity of the bearers.

This is to ensure that the bearers are not sitting in water or on wet grass for long periods of time. The bearers on the base of the log store also need to be evenly supported across the whole base. Placing the store on a concrete or timber plinth is often a good idea. Your logs and the store may weigh several tons when full, and wet!

Your Dorset Log Store carries a 15-year warranty against rot and fungal attack to the timber; however, this does require you to follow our advice particularly pertaining to the airflow and drainage of the ground it is standing on (see also the details of our Fair Care Warranty). The timbers are all pressure treated but do need to be cared for to ensure maximum life.

Your logs should ideally be open to the elements at the front of the store to aid airflow and leave at least a 2inch (5cm) gap between the back of the log store and wall. The open side does not have to face the sun as it is all about air movement, not direct heat.

If we do make doors for your Log Store these are mainly to be used to create a storage area for tools, equipment, kindling etc. Sturdy, smelter-galvanised, Brenton bolts are fitted to these doors so they can be padlocked if required. Adjustments to any bolts and fastenings may need to be made over time as timber will shrink and expand over the seasons.

Caring for your Timber Log or Garden Store

Our pressure treated timber has a slightly green finish to the wood when first manufactured, but after exposure to sunlight this will quickly tone down to a golden brown/silvery grey hue. This does not affect the longevity of the timber in your Store, it is a natural process.

If you wish to paint or stain your log store you can do so, we suggest the use of micro-porous stain or paint to ensure that moisture cannot become trapped in the timber structure of your Dorset Store. We offer an Eco-Friendly Wood Stain Treatment from Protek which preserves the good looks of, and waterproofs, the timber.

If you would like us to paint your log store for you, please call 01300 345229 and we can discuss colours and give you a quotation, or email If wishing to paint the store yourself then we can also recommend good quality brands like Sadolin and Cuprinol.

We do advocate following our Timber Care Advice to ensure you get the best life from your timber products.
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