Well, this week, #AskPhill answers the question, 'Is there anything I can do for my birds for Christmas?'

Firstly, you are not allowed to feed your chickens your kitchen waste but what you can do is prepare your vegetables and put the peelings in a separate pan to cook a meal specifically for your birds.
Here’s how:

• Create a pile of potato peelings, parsnip peelings, root vegetable peelings, the outside leaves of Brussel sprouts, cabbage leaves or similar.
• Place in a large cooking pan with just a little water.
• Boil and allow to simmer for literally a few minutes (to soften and break down the starches)
• Mix in some layers mash, or if you don’t have mash, layers pellets will do just fine.
• Add some tasty treats such as a few pieces of dried fruit, or mealworms and sprinkle in a little poultry spice if you have some.
• Best served just warm.

Ideal for a warming treat during the cold winter weather – store in a cool place, should keep for 3-4 days.