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100m Electric Poultry Netting Kit (Mains-Battery)


A 100m Poultry Netting Kit for use with either 12v battery or mains power. Full details below.

100m Dual Power Poultry Netting Kit includes:

  • Hotline Gemini 120 Dual Power Energiser (3 yr warranty)
  • 2 x 50m Green Poultry Nets (each incl. 15 posts, galvanised pegs, guy ropes and net repair kit)
  • 10 Extra black Netting Posts
  • 1 m Earth Stake
  • 2 x Netting Warning Signs
  • KV10 LED Fence Tester
  • 25m Insulated Lead-Out Cable
  • 2 x Crocodile clips
  • Installation Instructions


For the 100m Poultry Netting Kit we have included a dual power Gemini energiser as this can be used with either mains power or with a 12v leisure battery.

So, if you change your mind or find you cannot use mains power anymore, simply add a 12v battery to the system and then the energiser can be placed outside (on a wall, post or hang on the earth stake) near to the fence.

For more details on the energiser please see see Hotline Gemini 120 Energiser. The Gemini 120 could power up to 4 x 50m nets so extending your system is as simple as adding more nets.

Our 100m kit includes 2 x 50m Poultry Nets to cover an area of approx. 625sq m (roughly 80ft x 80ft in a square).

If your ground is uneven or sloping it may be worth adding more Black Flexi Posts or CP112 Corner Posts which also avoids the frustration of never having a post in quite the right place. Although each net comes with 15 posts (plus the 10 extra we include in the kit) this may not be enough in all situations. You can add a Hot-Gate Easy-entry Gateway to the system to enable entry without turning off the power.

NOTE JAN 2021: Due to changes in courier stipulations this item is now too large to send outside mainland UK.

PLEASE double check the length of netting you require before purchase, or before unrolling once received. We cannot exchange or refund once the netting is opened out and unrolled (and you find that 25m is a lot longer than 25ft!) i.e. it cannot be refunded or exchanged unless it is returned unopened and in a saleable condition.

* The 25 metre length of netting is approx. 82 ft, creates a Pen of approx 21ft x 21ft - 440 sq ft - or 39 sq metres.
* The 50 metre length of netting, is approx. 164 ft, giving approx 41ft x 41ft - 1680 sq ft - or 156 sq metres.


Standard delivery via courier is next working day to most mainland UK destinations for orders placed before 2pm (excl. weekends and bank holidays).
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